Attila the Hun (TV movie, 2001)

Attila the Hun is an American historical TV movieby Dick Lowry released in 2001 .


In the th century, despite the decadence, corruption, political rivalries, wars and barbarian invasions, the Roman Empire is still the greatest power in the world. An ancient prophecy of the Huns peoples , originating from the steppes of Central Asia , tells that one day, an all – powerful king will unite the Huns tribes and dispute to the Roman Empire the right to reign on the world.

Attila , an orphan son of the chief of the Mundzouk tribe and raised by his uncle King Ruga , realizes this prophecy between 434 and 453. He takes advantage of the military weakness of the Roman empires of East and West on the Asian front and of the immaturity of the current Roman emperor Valentinian III , to realize the prophecy and seriously threaten Rome . The Roman empress Galla Placidia then released from prison Flavius Aetius , a former leader of the Roman armies particularly brilliant, cunning and Machiavellian imprisoned following a failed coup d’etat.

The final battle takes place in Chalons-en-Champagne in Gaul , where Roman legions supported by the Visigoths of Theodoric er , take advantage of the accuracy. Attila then goes home for the winter and plans to return in the spring. But he dies poisoned, victim of the vengeance of one of his wives on the day of his wedding following a plot of Flavius Aetius and the latter is stabbed thereafter by Valentinian III once his mission accomplished.

The Roman and Hunnic empires collapse and leave Europe in chaos and destruction for several centuries.

Technical sheet

  • Director: Dick Lowry
  • Writer: Robert Cochran
  • Music: Nick Glennie-Smith
  • Duration: 177 min
  • Country: United States / Lithuania
  • English language
  • Color: Color
  • Sound: stereo


  • Gerard Butler VF : Patrice Baudrier ) : Attila the Hun
  • Powers Boothe VF : Daniel Beretta ) : Flavius Aetius
  • Simmone Mackinnon VF : Ivana Coppola ) : N’Kara and Ildico
  • Reg Rogers VF : Denis Boileau ) : The Roman Emperor of the West Valentinian III
  • Alice Krige VF : Évelyn Selena ) : Galla Placidia
  • Pauline Lynch FW : Marie-Laure Dougnac ) : Galen
  • Steven Berkoff VF : Benoît Allemane ) : King Ruga
  • Andrew Pleavin : Flavius Orestes
  • Tommy Flanagan VF : Thierry Mercier) : Bleda
  • Kirsty Mitchell VF : Juliette Degenne ) : Honoria
  • Jonathan Hyde : Felix
  • Tim Curry : The Roman Emperor of East Theodosius II
  • Janet Henfrey : Palcharia
  • Liam Cunningham : King Visigoths Theodoric st
  • Rollo Weeks : Attila young
  • Kate Steavenson-Payne VF : Dorothea Pushoe ) : Lydia
  • Richard Lumsden : Petronius
  • Isla Fisher VF : Marie-Eugenie Marechal ) : Cerca
 Source and legend : French version ( VF ) on RS Dubbing 1 and Doublagissimo 2

Notes and references

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