Avalanche Express

Avalanche Express is a 1979 English film. It was largely made by Mark Robson , who died of a heart attack in June 1978 before filming and was then replaced by Monte Hellman for a non-touring stage.

Robert Shaw, the main actor, died in the same way before the post synchronization of the film; his voice was doubled by a stranger who, in homage to Robert Shaw, refused his emoluments.


General Marenkov decides to go west. He will be helped in this attempt by the secret agent Wargrave. Given the importance of its function in the Soviet Union , the Muscovite agents (including Constable Bunin) will do everything to eliminate it, including by triggering avalanches on the train route.

Technical sheet

  • Director: Mark Robson until 1978, then Monte Hellman
  • Scenario: Colin Forbes , Abraham Polonsky
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Release date :
    •  France : July 11, 1979
    •  United States : 19 October 1979


  • Robert Shaw : General Marenkov
  • Lee Marvin : Colonel Harry Wargrave
  • Maximilian Schell : Agent Bunin
  • Linda Evans : Elsa Lang
  • Joe Namath : Leroy
  • Horst Buchholz : Scholten
  • Mike Connors : Haller
  • David Hess : Geiger

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