Battleship (movie)

Battleship or Naval battle inQuebecis ascience fiction movie Americanco-produced and directed byPeter Berg, released in2012. This is the English-speaking name of the Naval Battle Board Game 1 , a passage from which is inspired.


In 2005 , scientists discovered in the “solar system Gliese” (name given in the film, in fact the Gliese 581 planetary system ) an exoplanet they call ” planet G ” 2 , whose climate seems close to that of the Earth . In 2006 , NASA launched the international Beacon project to send a signal to this planet by building a communication system five times more powerful than those existing then. Every day when the Landsat 7 satellite is in line with the Saddle Ridge Communication Station on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Archipelago, the signal is transmitted to the satellite. This one amplifies the signal to relay it through the space until the planet G.

At the same time, in a bar on Oahu, Stone Hopper, captain of the US Navy , waters the twenty-sixth birthday of his younger brother, Alex, one-on-one. Stone accuses Alex of his immaturity , of being unemployed and tells him that he must take his life in his hands. However, Alex does not listen; he is interested only in the pretty lady with the long blond hair who has just entered the bar. This one arrives too late, the tenant explains to him that the kitchen of the bar is closed and that it can not serve to him at this hour the chicken burritothat it asks. To flirt with her, Alex promises to bring him his burrito within five minutes. Alex runs across the road to, that the owner is closing. Alex asks her to reopen, but she refuses and leaves. Alex climbs the building, smashes the ceiling and crashes inside the store. He takes a burrito, heats it in the microwave and deposits money on the counter. He tries to get out through the hole he made in the ceiling, but drops and demolishes part of a beam. Stone hears a police siren outside, he walks out of the bar and sees Alex run to the bar, burrito in hand, pursued by the police. Alex causes a pileup while crossing the road. The girl is out of the bar and looks at the scene. As Alex does not obey them, the police shoot him a taser dump. Alex collapses and crawls to the one he wants to conquer by handing him his burrito. She catches him just when Alex is hit by a second shot. He managed to seduce her.

Alex was released and took an icy bath in Stone’s bathtub. He shouts to him that he is excited by his escapades. He tells her that the girl he dredged is the daughter of Admiral Shane, his supervisor. Stone forces Alex to join the Navy.

In 2012, off Oahu, the RIMPAC maneuvers took place . A football tournament is organized before the start of the military maneuvers . The final pits the Japan team against the United States. The US team, of which Alex is the captain and Stone the goalkeeper , includes, among others, the boatswain Jimmy “Ordy” Ord and the second master Cora Raikes. Japan leads 2 to 0. Alex reduces the score 2 to 1. In stoppage time, one minute before the end of the match, while he had an opportunity to equalize, Alex receives a kick from the captain Yugi Nagata in the figure. Alex demands to shoot the penalty and the ball goes way over the goal cage.

Alex and Sam love each other passionately. He promises that he will marry her father, although he is very apprehensive of making this request to his superior.

The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan leads an international fleet among other destroyers American Arleigh Burke class USS Sampson and the USS John Paul Jones and the destroyer Myoko  (in) the Kongō class of the Japanese fleet 3 . Admiral Shane, who will lead the maneuvers, delivers his inaugural address on the museum ship USS Missouri , the battleship of the Iowa class. Alex arrives late. Alex is terrified by Admiral Shane’s gaze on him. He hides in the bathroom to repeat his marriage proposal. Nagata enters the bathroom and hears her talking by herself. Alex, annoyed by his remark, makes fun of him. They fight. They are summoned and lectured by their superiors. The admiral is baffled by the fact that Alex knows the quote of Homer “Pilot keeps this boat, off the breakers or spray, or you plunge to destruction . Alex declines the proposal of the first master Walter “Beast” Lynch to talk about his problems.

The maneuvers begin. Alex is summoned to the Sampson by Stone who tells him that the military prosecutor told him that Alex will be fired from the Navy, when they return to the ground once the maneuvers are over. Sam is responsible for taking care of Lieutenant-Colonel Mick Canales who is bitter to have his legs amputated and can not get used to his metal prostheses. Sam takes her on a walk on the mountain. Alex phones Sam and tells him that he has not yet managed to marry her father, but will return to the port.

Five extra-terrestrial ships coming from planet G are heading straight for the origin of the signal: the Saddle Ridge station. One of the five ships (the communications vessel) collides with a satellite in orbit. Both are destroyed. Debris from the communications ship is crashing in Hong Kong , causing significant damage, and also in Scotland, Germany, France and Iowa. The other four ships are immersing near Hawaii.

The radars do not detect the four objects that have submerged off Hawaii. The admiral sends the Sampson , escorted by John Paul Jones and Myōkō , to observe the area. A sample of one of the pieces of the ship that crashed on Hong Kong is analyzed by the Chinese. It consists of elements that are not found in the periodic table , except for lawrencium .

Ordy identifies with binoculars the emerged part of a building. The building is not detected by any of the radars. Stone sends a team on a boat to take a closer look at the objects. The team consists of Alex, Raikes and Beast. Alex climbs on the raised part of the ship. By touching its surface, it receives an electric shock, and is projected into the ocean. An impassable spherical force field springs from the two platforms. All communications are scrambled by this field and a fighter jet is crashing on it. Three extraterrestrial ships emerge around the first. The force field has an altitude of 300 000 feet and 2 nautical miles thick.

The only boats present inside the force field are destroyers Sampson , John Paul Jones and Myoko . The Sampson tries to establish a communication by sounding his foghorn . A ship responds with a devastating sound wave. The John Paul Jones fires a warning shot . The extraterrestrial vessel responds, a projectile hits the bridge, killing the senior officers. The Sampson in turn fires, he is completely destroyed without any survivors.

Alex goes back aboard the John Paul Jones and learns that he is the highest ranking surviving and that therefore he is the commander of the ship. Alex, determined to avenge the death of his brother despite the unfavorable opinion of his crew, decides to advance towards the enemy and prepares to shoot. The Myōkō standing back supports the attack by firing on a ship. The extraterrestrials retaliate, the Myōkō undergoes very serious damage and does not take long to sink. Alex finally hears reason and gives up shooting. Myōkō surviving crew members are collected on the John Paul Jones. The main vessel projects three rotating spindle spheres towards Oahu. A shuttle takes off from the alien flagship and heads towards Oahu. Two of the rotating spheres destroy all the helicopters at Naval Air Station. The third toothed sphere destroys the retaining pillars of the highway , which collapses.

Sam and Mick’s hike is interrupted by police officers who order them to leave the mountain because of an unidentified threat. The policemen continue their patrol on the mountain and are killed by the extraterrestrials. On the John Paul Jones, the crew retrieves the body of an alien and begins to examine it. He regains consciousness, makes telepathic contact with Alex who sees images of extraterrestrial war and destruction of a planet. Other extraterrestrials arise to recover their congener and evacuate the ship. One of the extraterrestrials remained on board to destroy the engine of the ship, Beast tries to prevent it, Alex and Raikes intervene. Alex leads him in pursuit through the boat to the deck to attract him into the line of sight of a gun. Raikes shoots him and kills him.

Sam and Mick meet scientist Cal Zapata, head of the Saddle Ridge station, who informs them that the aliens have taken control of the station. They understand that these ships are scouts aiming to establish a bridgehead and are working to have the station emitted at the moment Landsat 7 is right to contact their home planet. Trying a helmet the alien Ordy discovers that aliens, like its domestic reptile, are blinded by bright light, like the sun .

Humans understand that the extraterrestrial facility at Saddle Ridge Station must be destroyed. The three alien combat ships patrol around Oahu. The John Paul Jones manages to destroy them without suffering further damage, but two rotating spheres arise and destroy the John Paul Jones . Both spheres fall into the ocean and sink. The majority of the John Paul Jones crew survived.

Alex has the idea of bringing Missouri back into service with the help of retired military personnel who know how the ship works. They undertake the bombing of the alien facility at Saddle Ridge Station, but the alien flagship is blocking their way. During the clash, the Missouri is damaged, but it inflicted significant damage to the mother ship, including the platform transmitting the force field. The force field disappears, communications are restored. The extraterrestrial vessel throws three rotating spindle spheres in the direction of Missouri. This one fires its last shell on the station of communication and destroys it before the aliens have been able to send a message towards their planet. While the Missouri crew thinks they are lost, the fighter planes emerge and destroy in flight the notched sphere and complete the alien flagship.

Stone is posthumously decorated with Navy Cross by Admiral Shane. He hands it to Alex, who then decorates the Silver Star . Alex then dares to ask Sam to marry the admiral. He answers him negatively in a peremptory tone. Then, he jokingly invites her to come and talk while eating.

Post-generic scene

In Scotland, three teenagers returning from school, discover a kind of big meteorite in the middle of a field. They hit them with clubs, without result. Jimmy, the father of one of them arrives in his truck, joins them, taps on the object with a hammer, it sounds hollow. Despite his relentlessness, his attempts to open it with a chisel and then the chainsaw, fail. He cuts a hatch in the object with a blowtorch. They open the hatch and all four bend down to look inside. They flee terrorized by seeing an alien hand grabbing the edge of the hole they made in the communications vessel’s rescue pod.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Battleship
  • Quebec title: Naval Battle
  • Director: Peter Berg
  • Screenplay: Eric Hoeber and Jon Heober , based on the board game called Battleship ( Battleship ) 4
  • Artistic Direction: Tom Frohling , Aaron Haye , Scott P. Murphy and William Ladd Skinner
  • Sets: Neil Spisak
  • Costumes: Louise Mingenbach and Kimberly A. Tillman
  • Photography: Tobias A. Schliessler
  • Editing: Colby Parker Jr. , Billy Rich and Paul Rubell
  • Sound: Gregory King
  • Music: Steve Jablonsky
  • Production: Peter Berg, Brian Goldner , Duncan Henderson , Bennett Schneir , Scott Stuber and Sarah Aubrey
  • Production Companies: Hasbro , Film 44 , Stuber Productions , Battleship Delta Productions
  • Distribution Companies: Universal Pictures (United States) , Universal Pictures International France (France)
  • Special Effects Companies: Industrial Light & Magic and Makeup Effects Laboratories
  • Budget: 209 million dollars [ref. necessary]
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English
  • Format: color – 2.35: 1 – 35 mm – SDDS
  • Genre: science fiction
  • Duration: 131 minutes
  • Release dates:
    • Japan : ( world premiere )
    • Belgium , France :
    • United States , Quebec :


French voice = VF 5 , 6 ; voice of Quebec = VQ 7

  • Taylor Kitsch (VF: Rémi Bichet and VQ: Martin Watier 8 ) : Lieutenant Alex Hopper, shooting officer of destroyer John Paul Jones , younger brother of Stone, Samantha lover
  • Alexander Skarsgård (VF: Nessym Guetat and VQ: Frédéric Paquet) : Commander Stone Hopper, Commander of Destroyer Sampson , older brother of Alex
  • Rihanna (VF: Claire Morin and VQ: Rachel Graton ) : Second-Master Cora Raikes on the destroyer John Paul Jones
  • Brooklyn Decker (VF: France Renard and VQ: Véronique Marchand ) : Samantha “Sam” Shane, physiotherapist, Admiral’s daughter, in love with Alex
  • Tadanobu Asano (VF: Stéphane Fourreau and VQ: Paul Sarrasin ) : Captain Yugi Nagata, Commander of the Myōkō Destroyer (en)
  • Hamish Linklater (VF: Damien Ferrette and VQ: Pierre-Yves Cardinal ) : Cal Zapata, scientist
  • Liam Neeson (VF: Daniel Beretta and VQ: Eric Gaudry ) : Admiral Terrance Shane, Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Samantha’s father
  • Peter MacNicol (VF: Denis Boileau and VQ: Benoît Brière ) : Secretary of Defense
  • Jesse Plemons (VF: Juan Llorca and VQ: Nicholas Savard L’Herbier ) : Crewman Mate Seaman Jimmy “Ordy” Ord
  • Gregory D. Gadson (VF: Jean-Paul Pitolin) : Lieutenant-Colonel Mick Canales
  • Josh Pence : Second Master Moore
  • Adam Godley : Dr. Nogrady
  • Gary Grubbs : the chief of the US Air Force
  • Stephen Bishop : OOD Taylor on the John Paul Jones
  • Rami Malek : the officer on duty
  • Jerry Ferrara : JOOD Strodell on the Sampson
  • Louis Lombardi : the bartender
  • Peter Berg : the second gunner on the John Paul Jones
  • Adrian Bellani : The chauvinist Chavez
  • John Tui  ( VF: Gilles Morvan and VQ: Tristan Harvey ) : the first master Walter “Beast” Lynch
  • Griff Furst  (en) : BIP Technician
  • Michelle Arthur  (in) : the presenter of the English TV news
  • Jackie Johnson  (in) : itself
  • John Bell  (in) : Angus


Role Distribution

The film crew around Colonel Greg Gadson, and in front of the USS Missouri Memorial, at the Pearl Harbor-Hickam base

Lieutenant-Colonel Mick Canales is played by Colonel Gregory G. Gadson, an American soldier seriously injured in Iraq. In 2007, his vehicle exploded on an improvised explosive device , depriving him of both his legs and inflicting serious after-effects on his right arm.


Unless otherwise indicated or supplemented, the information mentioned in this section comes from the credits of the audiovisual work presented here . Unless otherwise stated or supplemented, the information mentioned in this section can be confirmed by the IMDb database .

  • Interstate Love Song  (en) by Stone Temple Pilots of (on Oahu, in the bar, Stone waters Alex’s birthday).
  • Everybody Wants You  (In) by Billy Squier  (in) of (Following Alex’s birthday, Sam enters the bar, Alex blows out his candle and drags Sam).
  • The Pink Panther Theme by Henry Mancini in (Alex breaks into the supermarket opposite the bar).
  • My Lai by Lucky Clark (Alex runs, chased by the police, causes a pileup and is stacked in front of the bar).
  • Gold on the Ceiling  (in) by The Black Keys in (the match of the finals of the Japan / USA football tournament).
  • One Lovely Day by Citizen Cope (on the beach, Alex and Sam are kissing passionately).
  • Hang ‘Em High by Dropkick Murphys (Alex and Sam late for the inaugural speech on Missouri park on the pier, in Scotland, the 3 college students find the rescue capsule of the communications vessel and strive to open it with the father of one of them).
  • Blue Suede Shoes by Josh Max from(after the inaugural speech of RIMPAC Maneuvers on Missouri ).
  • Hard as a Rock by AC / DC ‘s (beginning of the RIMPAC maneuvers off Oahu).
  • I Gotsta Get Paid by ZZ Top of (Sam arrives at his workplace: the Oahu Marine Rehabilitation Center).
  • The Blue Danube by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of (The earphones in his ears, Cal Zapata busy, does not hear Danny, his trainee who calls him).
  • Sentimental Journey by Bud Green, The Browns, Ben Homer of (Singing by Cora Raikes on the canoe sent to observe the alien vessels closer).
  • Thunderstruck by AC / DC ‘s(Restoration of Missouri Battleship ).
  • The Funeral  (in) by Band of Horses of (photo session after the awards ceremony).
  • Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival of (beginning of the end credits)
  • Super Battle by Tom Morello .
Musics not mentioned in the credits

By Steve Jablonsky :

  • First transmission , duration: 3 min 17 s.
  • The art of war , duration: 4 min 31 sec.
  • Full attack , duration: 3 min 53 s.
  • You’re going to the Navy , duration: 1 min 1 s.
  • The Beacon project , duration: 5 min 7 s.
  • Objects make impact , duration: 4 min 38 s.
  • First contact Part 1 , duration: 1 min 51 s.
  • First contact Part 2 , duration: 2 min 8 s.
  • It’s your ship now , duration: 4 min 4 s.
  • Shredders , duration: 4 min 5 s.
  • Regents on the Mainland , duration: 2 min 43 s.
  • Trying to communicate , duration: 3 min 15 s.
  • Water displacement , duration: 2 min 18 s.
  • Buoy grid battle , duration: 3 min 2 s.
  • USS John Paul Jones , duration: 2 min 29 s.
  • We have a battleship , duration: 2 min 49 s.
  • Somebody’s gonna kiss the Donkey , duration: 4 min 33 s.
  • Thug fight , duration: 3 min 29 s.
  • Battle on land and sea , duration: 2 min 48 s.
  • Silver Star , duration: 1 min 54 s.
  • The aliens , duration: 4 min 17 s.
  • Planet G , duration: 3 min 59 s.
  • Hopper , duration: 3 min 15 s.


Home Review

  • In Les Inrockuptibles , Jacky Goldberg sees in the film “A giant military parade filmed with a half-lyric, half-parodic frenzy”, as well as a “little miracle” and salutes “his authentic humor and the virtuosity of his staging. ” 9 .

Box office

Despite its budget of $ 209 million, the film is a commercial failure 10 , 11 . It has reported that 303.1 million of which only 65.2 million in the United States 12 .


The film was nominated seven times at the 33 rd Razzie Awards ceremony . Rihanna wins including the trophy for worst actress in a supporting role.

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