Black Storm

Black Storm or In the storm inQuebec 1 ( Into the Storm ) is anAmerican disaster filmdirected bySteven Quale, released in2014. This film tells the story of a small town called Silverton in Oklahoma, destroyed in a day by a series ofviolent stormsand whose inhabitants try to survive the biggesttornadoever observed.

Detailed Summary

In the United States , in the fictional town of Silverton , Oklahoma , four friends make a short drive in the middle of the night. All of a sudden, a violent storm breaks out and they attend “live” the development of a cloudy funnel . One of them gets out of the car to film the event with his phone, while the others shout to him to go inside immediately. When the funnel finally reaches the ground to form a tornado in a dreadful roar, it kills the four friends in one fell swoop.

Several days later, a team of four tornado hunters (including a meteorologist ) is on the lookout for their next target. Pete, the leader of the group, is terribly disappointed to have missed the previous tornado that killed the four friends at the beginning of the film. Group meteorologist Allison Stone has been separated from her five-year-old daughter for three months because of her work. She promises via webcam that she will return very soon, although she is not even sure herself. Pete insists once again that they go to Riverside because that’s where all the other tornado hunters go. But for Allison, it is on Silverton that they will have the best potential for tornadic development. Pete asks Daryl for his opinion,, who relies on the expertise of the meteorologist and Pete, eventually give way.

Meanwhile at the Morris family, the father, Gary, widowed since the disappearance of his wife, entrusts his eldest son Donnie to film the graduation ceremony at the high schoolwhere he is registered, just like his brother Trey. Gary, the deputy director, has almost the ceremony in mind that day and also asks Donnie to make a ” time capsule “, that is to say filming the maximum number of people (including themselves obviously ) talking to whoever they think will be in 25 years.

Elsewhere in the city, two friends, Donk and Reevis, are trying to get the most views on YouTube by filming their crazy cascades . Donk is the stuntman and Reevis the filmmaker. With his quad , Donk must pass over a pool filled with water in which Reevis adds fuel that ignites. Finally, Donk lands right in the pool that explodes under the weight of the quad. He and his friends burst out laughing and think of the million views they will surely easily achieve. Donk’s mother gets angry after what he did at the pool. Donk is surprised to see her because he thought of her at work. The “Titus” pickup truckarmored Pete, then passes in front of them. Donk and Reevis decide to follow them because they heard the lightning of a new storm approaching.

In high school, Trey, ready to film with his camera in hand, sees a little further the pretty Kaitlyn Johnston, whose brother is in love. He then pushes him to talk to him and once inside the school, at the library, Trey films them without their knowledge while they talk. Kaitlyn had to make a video documentary to get an internship, but her computer crashed and all her files disappeared. Donnie then offers to help and Kaitlyn is extremely grateful to him. They then meet later at the old paper mill, which has been decommissioned. Donnie then sees his brother with the camera and gets angry with him. So he leaves it to him to film the ceremony, which Trey reluctantly accepts.

The “Titus Team” (the tornado hunters) arrives at their hotel in Silverton, where they are annoyed because the bad weather announced on the city was in fact only a light storm. Pete wants to kill Allison and decides this time to leave for Riverside. Suddenly, a torrential rainand hailstones, larger than baseballs, hit the entire city, possibly announcing a tornado. The team leaves the hotel and drives up to follow the storm. They cross the fields where Donk and Reevis arrive at the same time. Everyone sees the tornado coming closer and Pete forces Jacob, another fearful cameraman, to film immediately, while Donk and Reevis try to have their next video. The tornado gets bigger and bigger but eventually changes direction and, according to Allison’s computer, goes straight to high school. The director is just giving his congratulatory speech to the graduates when a dull rain begins to fall more and more strongly. The alarm sounds, decreeing the state of emergency. Everyone goes straight inside the school. Gary asks Trey where his brother is. Trey, still camera in hand, lies to him saying he does not know. Thegusts of wind are getting stronger, then the tornado strikes the school. She sends a tree violently through the door of the school and Trey misses to be touched. Gary orders his son to return immediately and orders everyone to go to bed keeping their heads down. The tornado still manages to sweep the passage several students.

Meanwhile, Donnie and Kaitlyn are still in the paper mill, unaware of the catastrophe that is approaching them, until Gary calls his son to ask him where he is. Donnie answers him just before the communication goes off. Kaitlyn begins to hear disturbing noises. The tornado rises suddenly and tears off the roof of the building, before it collapses entirely. Donnie and Kaitlyn are then trapped under huge debris. Gary then goes in search of Donnie and Kaitlyn with the help of Trey. They accompany the tornado hunters.

Subsequently, in the city, several tornadoes follow one another. Tearing the pylons , a fire breaks out. One of the four active tornadoes, goes straight on the fire and a whirlwind of fire is born. Forced by Pete to film, Jacob approaches the strange phenomenon and is killed, carried away by the winds and the flames. Refugees in the nearby church, survivors wait for the storm to stop. Finally, Pete regrets the violent death of Jacob.

Finally, Donnie and Kaitlyn, wounded but alive, are released. But here is a tornado of gargantuan magnitude, threatening the region. For Pete, this is an opportunity not to be missed. This tornado is so violent that the school is completely destroyed. Precariously housed, high school students are in a rainwater drainage channel, in the middle of a construction site, when the grid gives way. Pete tries to block the evacuation by parking “Titus” in front of him but the vehicle can not stay still. The winds prevail and Pete sacrifices himself. He dies having seen for the first and last time what he wanted to see since his childhood: the eye of the ( tornado ).

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Into the Storm
  • Provisional title: Black Sky 2
  • French title: Black Storm
  • Quebec title: In the storm 1
  • Director: Steven Quale
  • Scenario: John Swetnam
  • Artistic direction: David Sandefur
  • Sets: Kirsten Oglesby and Marco Rubeo
  • Costumes: Kimberly Adams-Galligan
  • Photography: Brian Pearson
  • Editing: Eric A. Sears
  • Music: Brian Tyler
  • Production: Todd Garner
  • Production Company: New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures
  • Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English
  • Format: Color – SDDS , Datasat, Dolby Digital – 35 mm
  • Genre: disaster
  • Duration: 89 minutes
  • Release dates:
    • United States , Quebec 1 :
    • France :3
    • Belgium :


  • Richard Armitage (VF: Xavier Fagnon ; VQ: Frédérik Zacharek ) : Gary Morris
  • Sarah Wayne Callies (VF: Gaëlle Savary, VQ: Catherine Proulx-Lemay ) : Allison Stone
  • Matt Walsh (VQ: Stéphane Brulotte ) : Pete
  • Max Deacon (VF: Nathaniel Alimi, VQ: Sebastian Reding ) : Donnie
  • Nathan Kress (VQ: Nicolas Bacon ) : Trey
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey (VF: Olivia Luccioni, VQ: Marilou Morin ) : Kaitlyn
  • Arlen Escarpeta (VF: Jean Baptiste Anoumon , Hugolin Chevrette ) : Daryl
  • Jeremy Sumpter (VQ: Gabriel Lessard ) : Jacob
  • Lee Whittaker (VF: Eric Marchal ) : Lucas
  • Kyle Davis : Donk
  • Jon Reep : Reevis
  • Scott Lawrence (VQ: Marc-André Bélanger ) : Principal Thomas Walker
  • David Drumm : Chester
  • Brandon Ruiter (VF: Jérémy Bardeau) : Todd White
Sources and legends : French version (VF) on RS Dubbing 4 ; Quebec version (VQ) on 5


The filming took place in in Detroit in Michigan 2 .

GoPro cameras are used for certain sequences of the film.


On March 24, 2014, photos of the film were revealed, followed by a trailer 6 .

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