Captains of Darkness

Captains of Darkness is a French TV film, directed in 2005 by Serge Moati .


In 1899, a French military column, led by captains Julien Chanoine and Paul Voulet , set out to conquer Lake Chad to unite the French colonial empire . The two captains are violent and ruthless towards the local populations as well as their colonial soldiers.

The Voulet-Chanoine mission is sinking further and further into Nigerien territory, still unknown, while the lack of food is felt. Little by little, Voulet falls into a megalomaniacal delirium.

Technical sheet

  • Title: Captains of Darkness
  • Director: Serge Moati
  • Scenario: Yves Laurent
  • Costumers: Edith Vesperini and Mame Faguèye BÂ
  • Production Companies: Arte France , Image et Compagnie
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Release date: April 28, 2006 on Arte


  • Manuel Blanc : Captain Paul Voulet
  • Patrick Mille : Captain Julien Chanoine , deputy and friend of Voulet
  • Clement Sibony : Péteau, the rebel officer to captains
  • Richard Bohringer : Colonel Klobb
  • Micky Sébastian : me Kolb, wife of Colonel
  • François Berland : Henri
  • Eric Laugérias : Bouthel
  • Airy Routier : Joaland
  • Gora Seck : Boubakar
  • Khadijatou Gueye : Fatouna
  • Andy Hards : the English officer

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