When the earth will open

Crack in the World ( Crack in the World ) is a disaster movie of science fiction American directed by Andrew Marton and released in 1965 .

The film, produced by Paramount Pictures , was shot in Spain in 1964 .


Using an atomic bomb to reach the nucleus of the earth to find a new source of energy, a “scientist” causes a catastrophe, the earth could split in two. Can the destruction of the earth be avoided?

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Crack in the world
  • Director: Andrew Marton
  • Scenario: Jon Manchip White and Julian Zimet from a story by Jon Manchip White
  • Sets: Michael White
  • Director of Photography: John Schwartzman
  • Editing: Derek Parsons
  • Music: John Douglas
  • Costumes: Laure Lourié
  • Production: Bernard Glasser
  • Genre: Film science fiction , disaster movie
  • Country: United States
  • Duration: 96 minutes ( 1 hour 36 minutes )
  • Release date :
    •  United States :
    •  France :


  • Dana Andrews (VF: Jean Michaud )r Stephen Sorenson
  • Janette Scott (VF: Anne Carrère )r Maggie Sorenson
  • Kieron Moore (VF: Jean-Claude Michel )r Ted Rampion
  • Alexander Knox (VF: Serge Nadaud ) : Sir Charles Eggerston
  • Peter Damon (VF: Alain Nobis ) : John Masefield
  • Jim Gillen : Rand
  • Gary Lasdun : Markov
  • Alfred Brown (VF: Georges Atlas )r Bill Evans
  • Mike Steen (VF: John Paul Coquelin) : Steele
  • Sydna Scott (VF: Raymonde Devarennes ) : Angela
  • John Karlsen (VF: Bernard Musson )r Reynolds
  • Todd Martin (VF: Jacques Degor ) : Simpson (Fenson in VF)
  • Ben Tatar : the Indian ambassador

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