Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow or A day without tomorrow inQuebecis aFranco-Americansci-fi filmdirected byDoug Liman, released in2014. This is thefilm adaptationof thelight novelJapanese All You Need Is Kill byHiroshi Sakurazaka  (in) .


In the near future 1 , a meteorite crashes near Hamburg . Extremely organized hordes of extraterrestrials , the “mimics”, are invading Europe . A coalition of seventeen nations is formed to fight the mimics. It is named United Defense Force (UDF). In five years, this world war is killing millions. The mimics seem to anticipate all the actions of the military. But suddenly, humans win the battle of Verdunwith very low losses. This victory is the work of Sergeant Rita Vrataski who killed hundreds of mimics on his first day of combat, equipped with the new armor. She becomes the heroine of the army and the media call her “the angel of Verdun” .

Commander William Cage is a specialist in the public relations department of the US Army. He is summoned to the headquarters of the UDF in London by General Brigham who announces that he will cover the following day the operation “Twilight” as a war correspondentin immersion among the soldiers. The Twilight operation is to launch a landing on the French coast. Brigham is confident that there will be little enemy resistance based on satellite observations. Cage, who has never fought and never wanted to, is trying to argue not to be sent. Brigham understands that Cage does not want to leave, but he is unyielding. Cage refuses the order and blackmails the general, who seems to yield. Barely out of the office, the general orders the arrest of Cage, who tries to escape, the military police pursue him and taser him .

Stunned, Cage wakes up handcuffed at London’s Heathrow Airport which has been converted back into a military base. An aggressive corporal challenges him. Sergeant Farell steps in and tells him that he is registered as a private, and registered as a deserter who has been caught. He is assigned to Squad J, which consists of the soldiers Skinner, Kimmel, Griff, Ford, Nance, and Kuntz. Some soldiers call Rita the “full metal bitch” because of her cold and haughty attitude. She leads a squad of the best soldiers.

The next day, the soldiers are embarked in troop transport helicopters and dropped on a French beach. The mimics are ambushed back from the beach and shoot down the helicopters in flight. The helicopter carrying squad J is hit before the start of the drop. It happens in disaster and most are doing. A helicopter crashes on Kimmel. Cage hardly needs to be crushed by another helicopter. From this wreck comes Rita’s squad, which throws itself into battle. Fascinated, Cage observes Rita who fights mimics in hand-to-hand combat with determination. Mimics look like black octopuses tinged with orange. They are very aggressive, fast and agile. They are without mercy, do not make prisoners, and fight to the death. Just after shooting a mimic, she notices Cage, lying on the sand. The wreckage of the helicopter, beside which she remained standing, explodes. She is projected next to Cage, killed instantly. Panicked, he tries to flee the battlefield and heads for the sea. Farell intercepts him and makes him head for the beach, where he gathers the survivors of the squad. J. Cage does not know how to unlock the security of hersubmachine gun . Nobody wants to explain to him how to do, lest by clumsiness he shoot at his comrades. The soldiers who managed to disembark are quickly massacred. The mimics ignore Cage, they attack first the soldiers who shoot at them. Cage finally manages to unlock the security of his weapon, and kills a mimic by falling backwards. As he rejoices, a bluish mimic, larger than the others, emerges from the sand just to the right of Cage. Cage does the dead, the mimic does not notice, he observes the battlefield. The other mimics seem to come to report to him the situation. The Cage submachine gun magazine is empty. He notices a Claymore minejust to his left. The blue mimic spots him and leaps at him. Cage grabs the mine and triggers it in front of the mimic. Both are shredded in the explosion, the “blood” of the mimic spreads on Cage while he is dying.

He awakes with a start in Heathrow in the same situation as the day before. Perplexed, Cage quickly understands that he has returned in the past. Replicas of his interlocutors of the day before him come back to him in memory as and with the conversations. Cage quickly notices that he is the only one to be in this situation, all the other people are living this day for the first time. The next day, he arrives again. He has time to warn Kimmel who turns around and sees the helicopter crashing on him. He throws himself on Rita to save her from the explosion. He is hurt in his place. Paralyzed and worried, he asks if his injury is serious. Without expressing either gratitude or compassion, she only tells him a few words, grabs Cage’s armor battery and abandons it to his fate.

He wakes up again at the airport. Cage runs in front of Sergeant Farell’s vehicle. By providing personal information that he is not supposed to know, he tries to persuade Farell that what he says is credible and that the landing of tomorrow must be canceled. Instead, he is gagged (because he threatens the morale of the troops). In the helicopter, he tries in vain to warn that he will be shot. On the beach, Cage rushes on Kimmel, pushes him, and so saves him, but Cage gets crushed by the helicopter in his place.

Again, this time, Cage pushes Kimmel to save him and continues his race to avoid being crushed. Knowing the course of events, he runs on the beach towards the wreckage from which Rita leaves. But he is hit by a truck that crosses its path and dies instantly. All over again, Cage can act faster and more precisely. He runs faster and passes before the truck crosses his path. He rushes to Rita and kills the mimics who are going to attack him. Rita observes fascinated and understands that he knows the events in advance. As he tells her to get away from the wreck before she explodes, she stays still and throws her gun into the sand. She tells him to come see her when he wakes up.

Cage trains every day to escape from his squad, and eventually finds Rita. She makes him meet Dr. Carter, a specialist in advanced microbiology who works on extraterrestrials. Rita too has already experienced a day that is repeated, that’s how she became the heroine of the Battle of Verdun. The cycle is triggered in contact with the blood of a certain type of extraterrestrial: the one that exploded with Cage. A blood transfusion can break this time cycle. They decide to use this ability to relive the day to win the war by killing the “Omega”, an alien who controls all others according to Carter’s theory. The location of the Omega appears in Cage as a vision.

Cage trains every day. It takes many attempts to get to where the Omega hides ( Curnera Dam)in Switzerland), but he realizes on the spot that it is a trap, and that the Omega is not there finally. Cage and Rita then change tactics, and decide to use a transponder that would allow Cage to locate the Omega. However, this device is owned by General Brigham. They then try, multiple times, to reach the general without being spotted, to convince him to give them the necessary room, and finally manage to escape with it. The day Cage manages to use the transponder, he discovers that the Omega is ambushed in the flooded undergrounds of the Louvre Museum in Paris. But, chased and victim of an accident, he wakes up in a hospital bed, after having undergone a blood transfusion:

Successful in escaping, Cage and Rita convince the members of Squad J to accompany them on a last-chance mission to Paris. As they approach the Louvre, their plane is attacked by missiles fired by the Mimics. The pilots of the plane are shot down, Kimmel is killed while Griff hurts himself badly. All members of the squad manage to eject before the crash, except for Nance (unable to undo his armor in time). Cage finds the last members of Squad J near the wreck of their plane. Cage proposes to use the latter to join the Louvre without being killed. While Rita, Cage and Ford embark, Skinner and Griff decide to stay on the ground to cover the backs of the others. At the moment when the Mimics Griff is shooting at them until his ammunition runs out. At that point, Skinner blew himself up with his Claymores to slow down the other Mimics. Griff is also killed in the blast. A chase then begins between the last members of Squad J and the aliens. During the chase, Ford gets caught by a Mimic and dies ejected from the plane. Cage takes Ford’s place to protect Rita. The latter then sends the plane crashing at full speed in the Louvre to escape the Mimics. While going down in the underground carpark, the two survivors locate an Alpha. Rita decides to sacrifice herself by making a diversion to allow Cage to go to the Omega and destroy it. Rita tells Cage that she would have liked to have opportunity to know him a little more. She kisses him and then goes to the Alpha. Cage dives and swims to the Omega. As he prepares to take his shoulder bag of explosives, the Alpha pierces him with a tentacle. Cage drops the explosives into the Omega before dying, causing the annihilation of all the aliens in the blast.

Subsequently, a substance from the Omega covers Cage. He wakes up the day before, shortly before his meeting with General Brigham. He learns on this occasion that the extraterrestrials have become unable to fight and that the military progress in Europe without difficulty. He meets shortly after the members of the squad J without any recognizing it, then goes out to meet Rita who greets it with harshness as in all previous time loops , which triggers his smile.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Edge of Tomorrow (sometimes named after his ” tagline ” Live, Die.Repeat for his video output in some countries)
  • French title: Edge of Tomorrow (subtitled Aujourd’hui à Jamais )
  • Quebec title: A day without tomorrow
  • Short Title: All You Need Is Kill 2
  • Director: Doug Liman
  • Screenplay: Christopher McQuarrie , Jez Butterworth , John-Henry Butterworth , based on the light novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka  (in) (2004)
  • Artistic direction: Oliver Scholl
  • Sets: Neil Lamont
  • Costumes: Kate Hawley
  • Photography: Dion Beebe
  • Editing: James Herbert
  • Music: Christophe Beck
  • Production: Jason Hoffs, Tom Lassally, Jeffrey Silver and Erwin Stoff
  • Production Companies: Warner Bros. , 3 Arts , Village Roadshow Pictures , RatPac-Dune Entertainment , VIZ Media , Dune Entertainment LLC , Province of British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit
  • Distribution: Warner Bros. , Warner Bros. la France
  • Budget: 178 million of dollars
  • Country of Origin: United States , Canada
  • Original language: English
  • French subtitles: Géraldine le Pelletier
  • Format: color – 2.35: 1 – 35 mm
  • Genre: science fiction movie
  • Duration: 113 minutes
  • Release dates 3 :
    •  France :4
    •  Belgium :5
    •  United States :


  • Tom Cruise (VF: Jean-Philippe Puymartin , VQ: Gilbert Lachance ) : Major William “Bill” Cage
  • Emily Blunt (VF: Laetitia Lefebvre, VQ: Camille Cyr-Desmarais ) : Sergeant Rita Rose Vrataski
  • Brendan Gleeson (VF: Patrick Bethune , VQ: Sylvain Hétu ) : General Brigham
  • Bill Paxton (VF: Herve Bellon , VQ: Daniel Picard ) : Master Sergeant Bartolome Farell
  • Jonas Armstrong (VF: Gerard Maillet, VQ: Renaud Paradis) : Skinner
  • Charlotte Riley (VF: Olivia Luccioni, VQ: Rachel Graton ) : Nance
  • Noah Taylor (VF: Lionel Tua , VQ: Nicolas Charbonneaux-Collombet ) : Dr. Carter
  • Franz Drameh (VF: Namakan Kone, VQ: Jean-Philippe Baril-Guerard) : Ford
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste : Dr. Whittle
  • Kick Gurry (VF: Loic Houdre , VQ: Alexis Lefebvre) : Griff
  • Tony Way  ( VF: Jerome Wiggins, VQ: Olivier Visentin ) : Kimmel
  • Dragomir Mrsic  (en) : Kuntz
  • Masayoshi Haneda  (en) : Takeda

Sources and legend : French version (VF) on RS Dubbing 6 and AlloDoublage 7Quebec Version (VQ) on Doublage Quebec 8



The project is originally developed under the title All You Need Is Kill . It will be renamed Edge of Tomorrow shortly before Comic-Con ‘s2 .

The theme of the new beginning, a character, a situation has been the subject of several films, including Groundhog Day of Harold Ramis with Bill Murray , a comparison often used. The film Starship Troopers by Paul Verhoeven is also included in comparisons 9 .

Commander Cage’s story can be compared to some video games in which the player, at the death of the character he embodies, starts the game from the beginning, until the success of the mission or course.

Distribution of roles

The studio wanted Brad Pitt for lead role 10 , before Tom Cruise was hired in December 2011 11 .


Filming begins in London and Warner Bros. Leavesden Studios near Watford in September 2012 12 .


Unless otherwise indicated or supplemented, the information mentioned in this section comes from the credits of the audiovisual work presented here . Unless otherwise stated or supplemented, the information mentioned in this section can be confirmed by the IMDb database .

  • Massive Mellow by Daniel Lenz.
  • Railroad Track  (in) by Willy Moon of (Farell takes Cage to Squad J, Farell leaves, Cage “gets to know” with his comrades).
  • Trip Into The Light by Jeremy & The Harlequins  ( In Heathrow, J squad soldiers equip their combat armor).
  • Love Me Again by John Newman ‘s (beginning of the end credits)



Edge of Tomorrow is well received by critics during its theatrical release, 90% of the 240 reviews collected by the site Rotten Tomatoes are favorable, for an average of 7.5 / 10 13 , while it gets a score of 71 / 100 on the Metacritic site , for 43 reviews collected 14 . On the Allociné site , he gets an average score of 3.5 / 5 , for 28 critics 15 .

Box office

Country or region Box Office Box office shutdown date Number of weeks
 United States $ 100 206 256 16 , 17 14
 la France 1,239,848 entries 17 10
 World $ 369,206,256 16

Distributed in 3490 rooms, Edge of Tomorrow takes third place in the US box office with 28,760,246 $ in its first operating weekend, an average of 8241 16 . The following weekend, he gets 15 extra rooms, but manages to garner that 16,527,215 $ , for an average of 4,715 $ , a decrease of 42.5%, allowing it to total 57,001,698 16 . He can not stop his fall in the course of its operations, seeing his combination of rooms and profits decline 16. It reached 100 million dollars in revenues in the twelfth week of operation 16 . Finally, Edge of Tomorrow totaled $ 100 206 256 after remaining fourteen weeks on the bill (its theatrical16 . In foreign countries, totaling 269 million $ in revenue, for a cumulative 369 206 256 $ in global revenues 16 .



  • Boston Online Film Critics Association Awards 2014 : Best Editing
  • Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards 2014 : Best Stunts
  • San Diego Movie Critics Society Awards 2014 : Best Editing
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2015 : Best Actress in an Action Movie for Emily Blunt
  • Saturn Awards 2015 : best editing


  • Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2015 :
    • Best visual effects
    • Best action movie
    • Best Actor in an Action Movie for Tom Cruise

Around the film

Errors and inconsistencies

  • In the news, it is said and written that the meteorite crashes near Hamburg . However, on the animation of the map showing the invasion of Europe by the mimics, the starting point of the conquest is located in the south of Bavaria(very far from Hamburg).
  • When General Brigham presents Operation Twilight at Cage, he tells him that the troops will land “by France , the Mediterranean and Scandinavia ” , but on the map displayed on the screen, the arrows indicating the landing are directed only to the French Atlantic coast and the Channel .
  • On the map displayed on the screen in General Brigham’s office when he presents Cage’s “Twilight” operation:
    • Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia ) is placed in Croatia , instead of the capital Zagreb .
    • For all countries, there is only one city indicated: the capital. But for Switzerland , Zurich is indicated, while the capital is Bern .
  • When Squad J is in Paris to destroy the Omega, it is said that Griff has only half a loader and that Skinner has only one Claymore mine. However, when Griff attacks the Mimics, we can see on the screen of his weapon that the charger is still full. Similarly, when Skinner blew himself up, his chest showed two Claymores mines.


In May 2017, Doug Liman confirms that he is developing a sequel, according to a plot imagined by Tom Cruise . He also announced a title, Live Die Repeat and Repeat 18 .

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