Hitler: The Birth of Evil

Hitler: The Birth of Evil ( Hitler: The Rise of Evil ) is a 2003 Canadian-American historical television movie directedby Christian Duguay .


During his childhood, Adolf Hitler seems to swim in the misunderstanding of his relatives. This feeling will continue even to the rejection of his candidacy at the School of Fine Arts in Vienna. Unwanted, he welcomed the declaration of war with enthusiasm and rose to the rank of corporal. Victim of a gas attack, he was hospitalized until the end of the war and then demobilized. It was at the end of the conflict that he began to invest himself in the world of politics. And also to be known in Germany, thanks to his party: the National Socialist Party of German workers .

Technical sheet

  • Title: Hitler: The Birth of Evil
  • Original title: Hitler: The Rise of Evil
  • Director: Christian Duguay
  • Writers: John Pielmeier  (in) and G. Ross Parker
  • Production: John Ryan
  • Photography: Pierre Gill
  • Music: Normand Corbeil
  • Editing: Sylvain Lebel , Henk Van Eeghen
  • Costumes: Maria Schicker
  • Duration: 185 minutes


  • Robert Carlyle (VF: Eric Herson-Macarel ) : Adolf Hitler
  • Matthew Modine (VF: Philippe Vincent ) : Fritz Gerlich
  • Liev Schreiber : Ernst Hanfstaengl
  • Julianna Margulies (VF: Hélène Chanson ) : Helene Hanfstaengl
  • Peter Stormare (VF: Bernard Métraux ) : Ernst Röhm
  • Friedrich von Thun : General Erich Ludendorff
  • Peter O’Toole (VF: Jean Négroni ) : President Paul von Hindenburg
  • Terence Harvey (VF: Michel Ruhl ) : Commissioner Gustav von Kahr
  • Zoe Telford : Eva Braun
  • Justin Salinger : Joseph Goebbels
  • Chris Larkin : Hermann Göring
  • James Babson : Rudolf Hess
  • Robert Glenister : Anton Drexler
  • Patricia Netzer : Sophie Gerlich
  • Julie-Ann Hassett : Angela Hitler , half-sister to Adolf Hitler
  • Jena Malone (VF: Mélanie Laurent ) : Geli Raubal , niece of Adolf Hitler
  • Stockard Channing : Klara Hitler , mother of Adolf Hitler
  • Ian Hogg (VF: Michel Fortin ) : Alois Hitler , father of Adolf Hitler
  • Thomas Sangster : Adolf Hitler at 10
  • Simon Sullivan : Adolf Hitler at 17
  • Robert Russell : Chancellor Franz von Papen
  • Christopher Ettridge  (in) : General Kurt von Schleicher
  • Wolfgang Müller : Gregor Strasser
  • Harvey Friedman : Friedrich Hollaender
  • Nicole Marischka  (de) : Blandine Ebinger
  • David Fisher (VF: Bernard Gabay ) : Georg Bell
  • George Pensotti (VF: Michel Fortin ) : Neithardt J.
  • Terence Longdon : the first baron

Short version of TF1

The French version broadcast by TF1 was cut by 50 minutes 1 , from 185 minutes to 135 minutes. The main missing scenes include a part of the childhood and youth of Adolf Hitler , a good part of his life as a soldier during the First World War , as well as a part of the events at the Putsch Brewery .


In 2003, a producer Ed Gernon was fired for comparing, during an interview, the conditions for the acceptance of Nazism with the political situation in the United States 2 .


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