In the name of the Pope King

In the name of the Pope King ( In nome del papa re ) is an Italian film directed by Luigi Magni , released in 1977 .


Rome, 1867. Nothing goes better in the Eternal City. The liberal movement challenges the temporal power of the Pope, ruler of the center of the Italian peninsula. Giuseppe Garibaldi and his Red Shirts invade Rome to free her from the influence of the Papal States supported by French troops sent by Napoleon III. The Serristori Barracks is also the target of an attack that kills 23 Papal Zouaves. Three young revolutionaries, Giuseppe Monti, Gaetano Tognetti and Cesare Costa, are arrested and accused of the massacre. Countess Flaminia, Cesare Costa’s secret mother, asks for the help of Cardinal Colombo da Priverno, a priest-judge at the Vatican Court, who was preparing to resign. To convince him to support him, she tells him that he is the father of Cesare, born of an ephemeral relationship. Disgusted by the evolution of the Church, Don Colombo speaks from his trial to defend him. Césare is finally released and Colombo hides him at home with his fiancée Teresa.

But Colombo is confronted with its own case of conscience: is it normal to favor an accused and let condemn the other two terrorists, on the verge of being condemned to death?

Technical sheet

  • Original title: In nome del papa re
  • French title: In the name of the Pope King
  • Director: Luigi Magni
  • Scenario: Luigi Magni
  • Photography: Danilo Desideri
  • Music: Armando Trovajoli
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Language: Italian
  • Format: Color ( Eastmancolor )
  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 105 minutes ( 1 hour 45 )
  • Release dates:
    •  Italy :
    •  France :


  • Nino Manfredi : Most Reverend Colombo da Priverno, Judge at the Pontifical Tribunal
  • Danilo Mattei : Cesare “Cesarino” Costa, a young revolutionary
  • Carmen Scarpitta : Countess Flaminia, her mother
  • Giovannella Grifeo : Teresa Tonietti, Cesare’s girlfriend
  • Carlo Bagno : Perpetuo, the perpetual secretary of Don Colombo
  • Ettore Manni : Count Ottavio, the jealous husband of Flaminia
  • Salvo Randone : The Black Pope, Superior of the Jesuit Order
  • Gabriella Giacobbe : Maria Tonietti, the mother of Teresa and adoptive mother of Cesare
  • Camillo Milli : Don Marino
  • Rosalino Cellamare : Gaetano Tonietti
  • Giovanni Rovini : The President
  • Renata Zamengo : Lucia Monti
  • Luigi Basagaluppi : Giuseppe Monti

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