Indochina (movie)

Indochine is a French romantic drama directed by Régis Wargnier , released in 1992 .


This is a slice of the history of French Indochina from the 1920s – 1950s through a colonial French family exploiting rubber plantations , immersed in the Vinh uprising and the mutiny of Yên Bái in 1930 until the Accords. from Genevaof 1954 which ended the French presence in Indochina. Inside this historic setting, a love story unfolds between the heiress of this family, Éliane, and a lieutenant of the French navy. He will then opt for the Vietnamese nationalists, for love for a Vietnamese princess (Camille, adopted daughter of Eliane) became a communist in the French prisons. The head of the French colonial security will “suicider”.

Technical sheet

  • Director: Régis Wargnier , assisted by Thierry Binisti , Philippe Charigot , Emmanuel Hamon and Jacques Cluzaud
  • Scenario: Catherine Cohen , Louis Gardel , Erik Orsenna , Régis Wargnier and Alain Le Henry (uncredited)
  • Director of photography: François Catonné
  • Music: Patrick Doyle
  • Editing: Geneviève Winding
  • Language: French , Vietnamese
  • Format: Color Eastmancolor – Stereo Dolby Sound – 1.66: 1 – 35mm
  • Duration: 2 h 40
  • Filming locations :
    • Malaysia : George Town and Ipoh
    • Vietnam
    • Switzerland : Geneva
    • Boulogne Studios


  • Catherine Deneuve : Eliane Devries, heir to the colonial family plantation of rubber trees
  • Vincent Pérez : Jean-Baptiste Le Guen, Lieutenant of the French Navy
  • Jean Yanne : Guy Asselin, head of the French colonial security
  • Linh Dan Pham : Camille, Vietnamese princess, adoptive daughter of Éliane
  • Dominique Blanc : Yvette, wife of Dominique
  • Alain Fromager : Dominique, foreman of the plantation
  • Eric Nguyen : Thanh, Vietnamese student returned from France in Vietnamese nationalist
  • Carlo Brandt : Castellani, Corsican inspector of the French colonial police (Sûreté)
  • Jean-Baptiste Huynh : Étienne (adult), son of Jean-Baptiste and Camille
  • Nguyen Tran Quang Johnny : Stephen (baby)
  • Hubert Saint-Macary : Raymond
  • Henri Marteau : Émile Devries, father of Éliane
  • Gérard Lartigau : the Admiral
  • Andrzej Seweryn : Hebrard
  • Mai Chau : Shen
  • Chu Hung : Sao husband
  • Thibault de Montalembert : Charles-Henri

Before and after the film

  • It was while listening to the music of the movie Henry V 1 that Régis Wargnier decided to entrust the soundtrack of his film to the Scottish Patrick Doyle , composer almost beginner at the time. This collaboration will be repeated on five other films.
  • Catherine Deneuve find Jean Yanne six years later for the filming of Stepmother of Gabriel Aghion (released in 1999 ). In this film, they embody a divorced couple .
  • Dominique Blanc and Vincent Pérez will meet five years later in front of the camera of Patrice Chéreau for the filming of Those who love me will take the train .



  • Cesar Award for Best Actress – Catherine Deneuve
  • Cesar Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Dominique Blanc
  • Caesar of the best photo – François Catonné
  • Caesar of the best sound – Dominique Hennequin and Guillaume Sciama
  • Caesar of the best decor – Jacques Bufnoir
  • Premio Goya for the best European film in 1993
  • Oscar for the best foreign film


  • Caesar of the best film
  • Cesar Award for Best Director – Régis Wargnier
  • César of the best female hope – Linh Dan Phan
  • Cesar Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Jean Yanne
  • Caesar of the best music written for a movie – Patrick Doyle
  • César for Best Editing – Geneviève Winding
  • Caesar best costumes – Pierre-Yves Gayraud and Gabriella Pescucci
  • Oscar for best actress – Catherine Deneuve

Notes and references

  1. ↑ [CD booklet of the soundtrack of the film].

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