Is West

East-West is a movie of Régis Wargnier released in 1999 .


In June 1946, Stalin proposed to all Russian nationals who fled the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and who fled to the West to return to the USSR. Like many other citizens living in France, Alexei Golovine, a doctor, responds favorably to this call and decides to return to his native land with his French wife, Marie, and their son, Serioja. But as soon as he arrives in Odessa , Ukraine, the couple realizes he is trapped. Alexey and Mary must now face the reality of the communist regime. But while Alexei seems to be living with her new life in the USSR, Marie will struggle to return to France.

Technical sheet

  • Title: East-West
  • Directed by: Régis Wargnier
  • Scenario: Rustam Ibragimbekov , Sergei Bodrov , Louis Gardel and Regis Wargnier .
  • Photo: Laurent Dailland
  • Music: Patrick Doyle
  • Costumes: Pierre-Yves Gayraud
  • Editing: Hervé Schneid
  • Country of origin: France , Bulgaria , Russia , Ukraine , Spain .
  • Genre: Drama
  • Format: Color – 1:85 – Stereo
  • Duration: 121 minutes
  • Release Date: st September 1999


  • Oleg Menshikov : Alexei Golovin
  • Sandrine Bonnaire : Marie Golovine
  • Catherine Deneuve : Gabrielle Develay
  • Sergei Bodrov, Jr . : Sacha Vasiliev
  • Ruben Tapiero : Serioja at 7 years old
  • Erwan Baynaud : Serioja at 14
  • Grigory Manukov : Pirogov
  • Tatiana Doguileva  (en) : Olga
  • Bogdan Stupka : Colonel Boyko
  • Meglena Karalambova : Nina Fyodorovna
  • Banko Bankov : the political police officer
  • Atanas Atanasov : Viktor
  • René Féret : Jean-Louis – the French ambassador to Bulgaria
  • Tania Massalitinova : Alexandrovna
  • Valentin Ganev : Volodya Petrov
  • Nikolai Binev : Sergei Kozlov
  • Daniel Martin : the Turkish captain
  • Hubert Saint-Macary : the cultural attaché of the Embassy
  • Jauris Casanova : Fabiani
  • Joël Chapron : the performer at the theater
  • François Caron : the French police officer at the TNP
  • Marie Verdi : the dresser


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The film was partially shot in Kiev , including the swimming scenes on the Dnieper. The boat used as a backdrop is always moored to one of the islands of this river.


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East-West was nominated for the César for best film and for the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2000. Régis Wargnier received a gold star in French cinema for this film.

Leading actress Sandrine Bonnaire has been nominated for the César for best actress .


  • East-West, journal of a shoot of Régis Wargnier (Seuil, 1999)

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