New Babylon

The New Babylon (in Russian :  Новый Вавилон , Novy Vavilon ) is a Soviet silent film of Grigori Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg dating from 1929 , whose soundtrack was composed by Dmitry Shostakovich .

This film deals with the Paris Commune as seen by the employees of a department store.


At the beginning of the industrial revolution , in 1871, when the Paris Commune was violently repressed by the army, a love story was woven between John, a soldier, and Louise, a young communanne saleswoman of the New Babylon’s big-store. . The adventure will end in blood and tears, in the rain washing away all memories of the past.

Technical sheet

  • Movie title: The New Babylon
  • Original Russian title: Новый Вавилон, Novy Vavilon
  • Alternative title: Storming the sky
  • Director and screenplay: Grigori Kozintsev , Leonid Trauberg
  • Photo: Andrei Moskvine , Evgeni Mikhailov – black and white
  • Sound: Silent Film
  • Music: Dimitri Shostakovich
  • Sets: Evgeni Eneï
  • Production: Sovkino , Leningrad
  • Duration:
    • 120 minutes (in length: 2,200 meters) in the initial version
    • 93 minutes in the restored version in 2004
  • Release date : 


  • David Gutman : owner of the La Nouvelle Babylone department store
  • Elena Kouzmina : Louise Poirier, the store’s caregiver
  • Andreï Kostrichkin : the main assistant of the store
  • Sofia Magarill : Actress Tamara Makarova
  • A. Arnold : member of the central committee of the Commune
  • Sergey Guerassimov : Lutro, the journalist
  • Ievgueni Chervyakov : Officer of the National Guard
  • Piotr Sobolevski : John, the soldier
  • Yanina Jeïmo : Thérèse
  • Oleg Zhakov : soldier of the National Guard
  • Vsevolod Pudovkin : Police Intendant
  • Lioudmila Semenova : can-can dancer
  • Tamara Makarova : can-can dancer
  • A. Glushkova

Around the film

Future director Sergei Guerassimov is featured in the film along with the 22-year-old actress Tamara Makarova . She will become his wife and she will play in a dozen films made by her husband.

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