Night of the living fools

Night of the Crazy Fools ( The Crazies ) is an American film directed by George A. Romero , released in 1973 .


The Crazies is the story of a chemical named Trixie, dumped in a river after the crash of the military plane carrying it. A city fed by this river, named Evans City, will see its inhabitants sink into madness and kill families and friends.

The army then intervenes and quarantines the village, even executing those who do not comply.


An acid fable with protesting political accents, we find Romero’s know-how, and the B-series grain that recalls the colors of Zombie , one of his most respected works.

The monsters in this movie are more dangerous than zombies because of their intelligence and they are able to talk and get in touch with each other.

In the video games of Resident Evil 4 (Ganados), 5 (Majinis) and 6 (J’avos) are inspired by the intelligent enemies of this film.

Technical sheet

  • Title: Night of the living fools
  • Original title: The Crazies
  • Director: George A. Romero
  • Scenario: George A. Romero and Paul McCollough
  • Production: AC Croft and Margaret Walsh
  • Budget: $ 275,000 (209,000 euros)
  • Music: Bruce Roberts
  • Photography: S. William Hinzman
  • Editing: George A. Romero
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Format: Colors – 1.66: 1 – Mono – 16 mm
  • Genre: Action, horror
  • Duration: 103 minutes
  • Release dates: March 16, 1973 (United States), July 5, 1979 (France)
  • Forbidden to under 16s


  • Lane Carroll : Judy
  • Will MacMillan : David
  • Harold Wayne Jones : Clank
  • Lloyd Hollar : Colonel Peckem
  • Lynn Lowry : Kathy Bolman
  • Richard Liberty : Artie Bolman
  • Richard France : Dr. Watts
  • Harry Spillman : Major Ryder
  • Will Disney : Dr. Brookmyre
  • Edith Bell : the lab assistant
  • Bill Thunhurst : Brubaker
  • Leland Starnes : Shelby
  • AC McDonald : General Bowen
  • Robert J. McCully : Hawks
  • Robert Karlowsky : Sheriff Cooper
  • Tony Scott (II) : MP Shade

Around the film

  • Filming took place in Evans City , Pittsburgh and Zelienople , Pennsylvania .
  • A remake made by Breck Eisner was released in 2010.
  • The song Heaven Help Us is performed by Beverly Bremers .
  • The house on fire early in the film was a happy accident when firefighters while in full training, agreed that the film crew filming the scene 1 .


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