Nova Zembla

Nova Zembla is ahistorical Dutch feature film directed by Reinout Oerlemans and released in 2011 .


The story is inspired by the third voyage of Willem Barentsz and Jacob van Heemskerk ( 1596 – 1597 ) to Nouvelle-Zemble . While the Dutch explorer was looking for a passage to Asia by taking the northeastern route across the Arctic Ocean , the icebound crew had to overwinter on this archipelago before returning to the Netherlands. ‘Next year. The story is told from the point of view of Gerrit de Veer , a crew officer, who kept a diary throughout the journey and who published it on his return.

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  • Robert de Hoog  : Gerrit of Veer
  • Derek from Lint  : Willem Barentsz
  • Victor Reinier  : Jacob van Heemskerck
  • Jan Decleir  : Petrus Plancius
  • Doutzen Kroes  : Catharina Plancius
  • Teun Kuilboer  : Pieter Vos
  • Semmy Schilt  : Claes
  • Judah Goslinga  : Laurens
  • Mads Wittermans  : the surgeon
  • Jochum van der Woude  : Jan Fransz van Haerlem
  • Herman Egbers  : Harmen
  • Arjan Duine  : Oene
  • Arend Brandligt  : Adriaan
  • Bas Keijzer  : the rooster
  • Koning Remon  : Ginger


  • Filming took place in Belgium , Iceland , Canada and the Netherlands .
  • The views of Amsterdam were actually shot in Bruges , Belgium.


The soundtrack has been remixed by the Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren .

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