Pancho Villa (movie, 1968)

Pancho Villa (original title: Villa Rides ) is an American film directed by Buzz Kulik , released in 1968 .


At the US-Mexico border, a plane in bad condition landed in a field. Lee Arnold, the pilot of the plane, hands over to Captain Pancho Ramirez, leader of the insurgents Colorados against Mexican President Madero. As a thank you, Ramirez offers him a belt full of gold. Visiting a blacksmith to spend the night, Arnold meets Fina whom he falls in love with. The next day, the village is attacked by Ramirez’s troops, ransacking, killing and raping. Nearby, Pancho Villa , who witnessed the scene, sends his men to attack Ramirez’s troops and makes them prisoners. But soon after, Fierro, his lieutenant, shot them down. Horrified by such barbarism, Arnold offers a market in Villa. Little by little, a friendship is created between the two men …

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Villa rides
  • Director: Buzz Kulik
  • Script: William Douglas Lansford , Sam Peckinpah st release) and Robert Towne based on the novel by William Douglas Lansford
  • Director of Photography: Jack Hildyard
  • Editing: David Bretherton
  • Music: Maurice Jarre
  • Genre: War Movie , Western
  • Country: United States
  • Duration: 125 minutes
  • Not allowed under 12 years
  • Release date :
    •  United States :
    •  West Germany :


  • Yul Brynner (VF: Serge Sauvion ) : Pancho Villa
  • Robert Mitchum (VF: André Valmy ) : Lee Arnold
  • Charles Bronson (VF: Claude Bertrand ) : Rodolfo Fierro
  • Grazia Buccella : Fina
  • Herbert Lom (VF: René Fleur ) : General Victoriano Huerta
  • Robert Viharo (VF: Gerard Hernandez ) : Urbina
  • Frank Wolff (VF: Alain Nobis ) : Ramirez
  • Diana Lorys : Emilita
  • Alexander Knox (VF: Jean-Henri Chambois ) : President Francisco Madero
  • Bob Carricart (VF: Serge Nadaud ) : Don Luis
  • Andrés Monreal : Captain Herrera
  • Fernando Rey (VF: Louis Arbessier ) : Fuentes

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