Pathfinder (movie)

Pathfinder is an action movie directed byMarcus Nispeland distributed byTwentieth Century Fox, released on. He starred Karl Urban and Moon Bloodgood .


The film traces the story of a conflict between Vikings and Amerindians , six centuries before the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the shores of the American continent .

Technical sheet

  • Title 1Pathfinder – The Warrior’s Blood
  • Original title: Pathfinder
  • Director: Marcus Nispel
  • Scenario: Laeta Kalogridis (after the work of Nils Gaup )
  • Production: Mike Medavoy , Arnold Messer and Marcus Nispel
  • Music: Jonathan Elias
  • Image: Daniel Pearl
  • Editing: Jay Friedkin and Glen Scantlebury
  • Release date 1 : France : 
  • Not allowed under 12 years
  • Duration: 99 minutes


  • Karl Urban (VF: Adrien Antoine ) : Ghost
  • Moon Bloodgood (VF: Delphine Rich ) : Starfire
  • Russell Means (VF: Georges Claisse ) : Pathfinder
  • Clancy Brown : Gunnar
  • Ralf Moeller : Ulfar
  • Jay Tavare : Blackwing
  • Nathaniel Arcand : Wind in Tree
  • Kevin Loring : Jester
  • Michelle Thrush (VF: Frédérique Tirmont ) : Indian mother

Around the film

This story is based on the fact that the Vikings landed on the mainland and even founded a village at L’Anse aux Meadows at the northern tip of the island of Newfoundland . This site could be that of the legendary colony of ” Vinland ” founded by the explorer Leif Ericson around the year 900 but this interpretation is subject to debate. The representation of the Vikings, on the other hand, is clearly fanciful: their langskip is as big as a galleon and their equipment is not so much in keeping with reality.

Internal link

  • The Passeur (film, 1987) , the original film by Nils Gaup .

Notes and references

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