Poseidon (movie, 2006)

Poseidon is an American film directed by Wolfgang Petersen , produced and distributed by Warner Bros. and pulled out. This is the remake of the disaster film The Adventure of Poseidon released in 1972 .


On December 31, Poseidon , a twenty – story liner , thirteen decks and eight hundred cabins, crosses the Atlantic Ocean to reach New York .

One of the passengers, Dylan Johns ( Josh Lucas ), runs his morning jog on the deck of the ship. Jennifer ( Emmy Rossum ) and Christian ( Mike Vogel ) are entwined in a luxurious cabin when Jennifer’s father emerges. It is Robert Ramsey ( Kurt Russell ), former mayor of New York, who is arguing immediately with his daughter, shocked by the behavior of lovers. An illegal passenger, Elena ( Mia Maestro ), crosses the path of Dylan and asks him the way to the kitchens. She meets Valentin ( Freddy Rodríguez ), a waiter, who orders him to return to the cabin where he hides her.

In the evening, many passengers gather in the ballroom to celebrate the New Year. Captain Bradford ( Andre Braugher ) begins the festivities with the singer ( Fergie , Black Eyed Peas ). On a balcony overlooking the ballroom, Dylan and Ramsey play poker with Larry “Luck” ( Kevin Dillon ). Later in the evening, Dylan meets Conor ( Jimmy Bennett ), an eight-year-old boy who jostles him while playing with his PlayStation Portable . Dylan then meets Maggie ( Jacinda Barrett ), the boy’s mother, whom he tries to seduce. As the countdown to midnight begins, Richard Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss ), an architect disappointed that his ex-lover does not call him, is about to commit suicide by jumping into the sea.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, the second scrutinizes with horror the horizon: a rogue wave of more than thirty meters high dark on the ship. He tries to straighten the bar to avoid a side impact, but the wall of water is smashed on the liner which is found keel in the air. Passengers and crew are thrown to the ceiling, some are crushed by debris and others are overboard. Gas piping breaks and triggers several fire starts as the lights go out and plunge whole sections of Poseidon into darkness.

Dozens of survivors then resumed their spirits in the ballroom, still intact although located below the waterline . Captain Bradford insists that everyone stays on the spot while waiting for help. But Dylan decides to try his luck on his own, heading to the compartment that overlooks the ship’s propellers. Conor and his mother then ask him to take them away. Ramsey, Nelson and Valentin also want to accompany them. Reluctantly, Dylan agrees. They first go to the discotheque to find Jennifer, the daughter of Ramsay. It has just managed to free Christian, who was stuck in the spotlight, thanks to Elena and Larry the Chance.

Then begins their journey to reach the open air …


In Poseidon’s Adventure , the sets of the film were based on the Queen Mary . For the 2006 remake , the set design team was inspired by Queen Mary 2 . The ballroom was designed on the model of the main dining room of the British liner .

Technical sheet

  • Title: Poseidon
  • Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen
  • Scenario: Paul Attanasio and Mark Protosevich
  • Production: Mike Fleiss , Akiva Goldsman , Duncan Henderson , Lome Orleans and Wolfgang Petersen
  • Music: Klaus Badelt
  • Editing: Peter Honess
  • Photography: John Seale
  • Costumes: Erica Edell Phillips
  • Sets: William Sandell
  • Duration: 1h35
  • Budget: 140 million $
  • Format: IMAX
  • Genre: disaster
  • Release dates:
    •  United States :May 12, 2006
    •  France : June 14, 2006


  • Josh Lucas (VF: Philippe Valmont , VQ: Patrice Dubois ) : Dylan Johns
  • Kurt Russell (VF: Philippe Vincent , VQ: Jean-Luc Montminy ) : Robert Ramsey
  • Richard Dreyfuss (VF: Michel Papineschi , VQ: Luis de Cespedes ) : Richard Nelson
  • Emmy Rossum (VF: Agathe Schumacher , VQ: Genevieve Désilets ) : Jennifer Ramsey
  • Mike Vogel (VF: Julien Allouf, VQ: Hugolin Chevrette-Landesque ) : Christian
  • Freddy Rodriguez (VF: Emmanuel Garijo VQ: Martin Watier ) : Marco Valentin
  • Fergie : Gloria
  • Andre Braugher (VF: Jean-Paul Pitolin, VQ: Marc-André Bélanger ) : Captain Bradford
  • Jimmy Bennett (VQ: François-Nicolas Dolan) : Conor James
  • Jacinda Barrett (VF: Laurence Bréheret, VQ: Aline Pinsonneault ) : Maggie James
  • Mia Maestro (VF: Eve Lorach , VQ: Valerie Gagne ) : Elena Morales
  • Kevin Dillon (VF: Boris Rehlinger , VQ: Daniel Picard ) : Lucky Larry
  • Kirk BR Woller : Chief Officer Reynolds
  • Kelly McNair : Emily
  • Gabriel Jarret : 1st Officer Chapman
  • David Reivers : John
  • Gordon Thomson : Jay
  • Jan Munroe : Nick
  • Caroline Lagerfelt : Mary
  • Jesse Henecke : Security Officer
  • Kimberly Patterson : Poker Dealer
  • D. Anthony Boone : Deejay
  • David Dittmer : Hotty Nightclub
  • Andy Deal : Wine Steward
  • Valerie Azlynn : passenger n ° 1
  • Carrie Frymer : passenger # 2
  • Beverly Overstreet : passenger n ° 3
  • Vincent DePaul : passenger n ° 4
  • Rachel Vander Woude : Woman on Cell
Sources and legendFrench version (VF) on Voxofilm 1


  • Oscar 2007 :
    • Best visual effects
  • Razzie Awards 2007 :
    • Worst remake or more
  • Visual Effects Society 2007 :
    • Outstanding Created Environment in Action Motion Picture
    • Best Single Visual Effect of the Year
    • Compositing in a movie
  • Taurus World Stunt Awards 2007 :
    • Hardest Hit


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