Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife or Resident Evil : The Beyond 1 inQuebecis ahorror film,actionandscience fiction German-French-Canadian-Americandirected byPaul WS Anderson, released in2010.

This is the fourth installment of the film series that draws in part from Capcom’s eponymous video games : Resident Evil

This is the first Paul WS Anderson film that focuses on 3D technology with an advertising campaign based primarily on it.


Five years have passed since the global pandemic caused by Virus-T.

Alice arrives in Tokyo to attack and destroy Umbrella Corporation’s underground fortress. She gets there, at the cost of her clones and is about to kill Albert Wesker in a helicopter but the man injects him a serum destroying all the powers she had acquired. The helicopter crashes into a mountain and Alice survives, but apparently not Wesker.

Six months later, on a plane, Alice leaves for Arcadia, a city where her friends Claire Redfield and K-mart would have gone . There is only one airstrip, and no trace of survivors. Alice still finds Claire, but she lost her memory. The two women fly to Los Angeles and discover that a building that served as a prison houses a group of survivors. Alice and Claire land there and meet Luther, Bennett, Crystal, Kim Young, Angel Ortiz, Wendell and against all odds, Claire’s brother, Chris Redfield. Alice learns that Arcadia is actually a cargo ship anchored in the ocean close to the city. But Alice’s plane has only two seats, and she will not be able to make several landings in a row.

As she takes a shower in the ward, Alice is attacked and Wendell is killed by zombies. They dug underground passages that end in the prison. The issue of running away becomes crucial.

A plan is put in place while a huge zombie armed with an ax begins to smash the door into the prison yard. Claire and Luther start to block the door and according to what Chris said, an armored car is in a locked room that is being handled by Bennett, Kim Young and Angel. As for weapons, a submerged prison room contains a lot of weapons. Alice, Chris and Crystal go snorkeling but after resurfacing, Crystal gets killed by zombies and finally, Alice and Chris run away through the air ducts.

Finding that the armored vehicle will not work, Bennett kills Angel and plans to escape with Alice’s plane, which he does by leaving his companions. The zombie ax chokes the door of the prison and the crowd of zombies gets into the building. Blocked on the roof, Alice, Claire, Chris, Luther and Kim Young manage to descend by the elevator that brings them directly to the sanitary district. The group fled through the underground dug by the zombies. As Chris and Luther sneak, Kim Young is killed by the ax zombie. Alice and Claire manage to come to the end and enter the underground cavities.

While Alice, Claire and Chris are out, Luther is attacked by a zombie and the tunnel collapses, Luther is apparently dead.

In an inflatable boat, the trio arrives on the freighter which is deserted. The three friends discover hundreds of survivors in tubes including K-mart, who wore the same device that erased Claire’s memory. Throwing deeper into the freighter, Alice finds Wesker, who survived the crash by injecting the virus T. Bennett also landed on the freighter and is now Wesker’s accomplice. A fight ensues, during which Alice kills zombie dogs, Claire and Chris are locked in tubes and finally, Alice triumphs Wesker with the help of K-mart.

But Wesker is not dead, he kills Bennett before escaping by helicopter but Alice had a bomb in the helicopter, which explodes.

Alice sends a radio message to anyone who can hear and join her. The situation seems to have subsided but suddenly, the sky is invaded by a multitude of helicopters Umbrella Corporation who will attack the cargo with the survivors.

After the credits, it is revealed that Jill Valentine , which had not been heard since the end of Resident Evil: Apocalypse is controlled by Umbrella Corporation and that she will order the assault on Arcadia.

Technical sheet

  • Original and french title: Resident Evil: Afterlife , adapted from Resident Evil 5 , Resident Evil: Code Veronica
  • Québec title: Resident Evil: The Beyond
  • Director and screenplay: Paul WS Anderson
  • Artistic direction: Arv Grewal
  • Costumes: Denise Cronenberg
  • Photography: Glenn MacPhreson
  • Editing: Niven Howie
  • Music: Tomandandy
  • Production: Paul WS Anderson , Jeremy Bolt , Robert Kulzer , Don Carmody , Bernd Eichinger , Samuel Hadida ,
    • Executive production: Martin Moszkowicz , Victor Hadida
  • Production company: Metropolitan Films , Constantin Films
  • Budget: 60 million of US dollars
  • Country of Origin: United States , Canada , Germany
  • Original language: American English , British and Universal English
  • Format: color (Deluxe) – 35mm – 2.35: 1 – Dolby sound , SDDS , DTS – 3D and Imax 3D
  • Genre: Action , Horror , Science Fiction
  • Duration: 97 minutes
  • Release dates:
     United States , Quebec :  (in 3D in equipped rooms);
     Japan : (in 3D in equipped rooms);
     France : (in 3D in equipped rooms);
  • Audience: Warning: scenes, comments or images may offend viewers


  • Milla Jovovich (VF: Barbara Kelsch , VQ: Élise Bertrand ) : Alice
  • Ali Larter (VF: Olivia Dalric , VQ: Lisette Dufour ) : Claire Redfield
  • Wentworth Miller (VF: Axel Kiener , VQ: Tristan Harvey ) : Chris Redfield
  • Shawn Roberts (VF: Stéphane Pouplard, VQ: Daniel Roy ) : Albert Wesker
  • Boris Kodjoe (VF: Daniel Lobé , VQ: Frédérik Zacharek ) : Luther West
  • Kim Coates (VF: Gabriel Le Doze , VQ: Frédéric Paquet) : Bennett Sinclair
  • Sergio Peris-Mencheta (VF: Jean-Alain Velardo, VQ: Jean-François Beaupré ) : Angel Ortiz
  • Kacey Barnfield : Crystal Waters
  • Norman Yeung (VF: Anatole Thibault ) : Kim Young
  • Spencer Locke : K-Mart
  • Mika Nakashima : J-Pop Girl
  • Ray Olubowale : Executioner Majini
  • Sienna Guillory (VF: Françoise Cadol ) : Jill Valentine / Birdlady (post-generic appearance)
Source and captionFrench version (VF) on RS Dubbing 2



This film, again directed by Paul WS Anderson (the original director of the first Resident Evil ) 3 , is inspired by the video games Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil : Code Veronica X and features the new 3D technology , Real D and IMAX 3D .


The shooting of the film started onin Toronto at Cinespace Film Studios 3 to end in December 2009, before a French release on.


This article contains one or more lists (February 2012).These lists would benefit from being introduced by a written and sourced part, so that the different items are well placed.

  • 1. Tokyo
  • 2. Umbrella
  • 3. Damage
  • 4. Cutting
  • 5. Twins
  • 6. Exit
  • 7. Far
  • 8. Flying
  • 9. Memory
  • 10. Los Angeles
  • 11. Binoculars
  • 12. Prison
  • 13. Discovery
  • 14. Hatchet
  • 15. Man Axis
  • 16. Arcadia
  • 17. Up
  • 18. Party
  • 19. Promise
  • 20. Resident Evil Suite

Edited by Capcom .

Box office

  •  Worldwide : US $ 296 million
  •  United States :60 million US dollars
  •  France : 912,000 admissions ( 9 million euros )
Evolution of the box office of Resident Evil: Afterlife in the US (in USD )
Weekend We. 1 We. 2 We. 3 We. 4 We. 5
US recipes per weekend 27,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 2,800,000 1,300,000
Cumulated US recipes 27,000,000 44,000,000 52 million 57 million 59 million
Position re th th 11 th 15 th


  • Jason O’Mara did not return to his role of Albert Wesker , Shawn Roberts replaces him.
  • Initially actor Peter Facinelli was scheduled for the role of Albert Wesker. But this one not wanting a mutant role after his vampire role in Twilight, refused the role.
  • This part marks the return of Jill Valentine ( Sienna Guillory ) who appears in a post-generic scene.
  • This is the first film based on a video game to be shot in 3D for the cinema.
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D is planned for 3D DVD and Blu-ray 3D for January 26, 2011 in France.
  • According to the box office of the film, Paul WS Anderson says there will be a Resident Evil 5 4 and will be in 3D .
  • The scene where we see Wentworth Miller locked in a cell is a reference to the television series Prison Break .

Survivors of the film

  • Alice
  • Claire Redfield
  • Chris Redfield
  • K-Mart
  • Luther West

The deaths of the film

  • Young Japanese woman : becomes the first zombie in Tokyo .
  • Japanese businessman: is devoured alive by the zombie woman.
  • The occupants of Umbrella HQ in Tokyo are being attacked by Alice ‘s clones, who clean up the base, all of whom are killed by them.
  • The clones of Alice: The first, after killing a whole squad of Umbrella soldiers waiting for him, is killed by another behind her before the other “Alices” arrive; later two of them are killed by Albert Wesker who defends himself rather well unlike his men against the clones of Alice, who will not survive the explosion of the base that engages this one.
  • Wendell: The latter and Alice are attacked by zombies-plagas, Alice defends himself and kills three of the zombies with his revolver, but one of them takes Wendell through the tunnel from which they came, or Wendell will certainly end up devoured by the zombies-plagas.
  • Crystal Waters: gets carried away by zombies that spring from the water; they devour her alive and her limbs float on the surface.
  • Angel Ortiz: After learning that the vehicle will take a week of repair while the zombies are going to invade the prison, Bennet shoots down Angel so that he is not aware of his escape plan, under the eyes of Kim Young.
  • Kim Young: cut in two by the executioner.
  • Executioner: Claire shoots him with Alice’s sawed-off shotgun; he collapses, gets up, sends his ax to the two women before Alice pulls him to the head with the rifle, finishing it.
  • Bennett Sinclair: killed by Albert Wesker while he was his accomplice for a while, the latter recovering from his fight against Chris, Claire and Alice. The last replica of Bennett will be “I just wanted to go home ..”. Wesker devours him alive to regenerate his wounds.
  • Albert Wesker: Supposed dead in the explosion of his helicopter caused by an Arcadia self-destruct bomb placed by Alice (presumably) as he was about to escape.

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