Resident Evil (movie)

Resident Evil , or Resident Evil : The Evil Creatures 1 inQuebec, is aGerman-French-Britishhorror filmdirected byPaul WS Anderson, released in2002. The film is partially inspiredbyCapcom’seponymousvideo games : Resident Evil .


In a large underground pharmaceutical laboratory of the multinational company Umbrella Corporation , a virus is voluntarily released. The building is then quarantined and the scientists working there are murdered .

In a sumptuous mansion, a young woman named Alice ( Milla Jovovich ) wakes up in a bathroom without any memory. Time to look for information and explanations about her amnesia, Alice meets a man named Matt, a policeman of the city, ( Eric Mabius ) and both are captured by an elite commando who invests the mansion. The soldiers (James One Shade ( Colin Salmon ), Rain Ocampo ( Michelle Rodriguez ), Chad Kaplan ( Martin Crewes ), JD Salidas ( Pasquale Aleardi ), Olga (the doctor) ( Liz May Brice) and two other soldiers) have for objective to find the real reason for this quarantine, which turned, one can say, with the massacre. That’s when they force Alice, who is a former Umbrella Corporation squad member, and Matt, to board a train under the mansion leading to the underground laboratory, HIVE. In the train, the group discovers another man who, like Alice, has no memory. This is another squad member and companion Alice called Spencer Parks ( James Purefoy ).

One explains to the three people found that for some unknown reason, the computer controlling the Hive (the Red Queen) has become a murderer. The team’s mission is to shut down the computer and understand what happened. Alice and Spencer, both agents, lost their memory after the Red Queen released a nerve gas into the mansion.

The soldiers separate: Rain, JD and Matt (whose cause is unknown) remain in a container room while Alice, One, Kaplan, Spencer, Olga and the other two soldiers go to the room before airlock leading to the control box of the Red Queen. One, Olga and the other two soldiers enter but the security system (laser beams) activates and the airlock door is locked. Olga is beheaded, the two soldiers pierced and One is cut into pieces.

Kaplan extinguishes the red queen who, in the form of a hologram, warns him. This one having survived, destroys the computer and leaves with the group. They will soon discover that the most dangerous enemy is not the HIVE security system, but all the people who are supposed to be dead … Alice then crosses Spencer contaminated earlier by the virus, become a living dead and then finishes with an ax, while Rain and Kaplan are injected antivirus. and the train leaves …

The action follows with the tracking of a “lickers” on the train: it kills Kaplan and Alice immobilizes it. Meanwhile, Rain turns into a zombie and Matt kills her. The action ends when the lickers are crushed by the train.

In the mansion, Matt, who was scratched by the “lickers”, convulse, Alice is about to heal him, but at the same time, Umbrella scientists arrive and capture them.

The story of this first installment ends with Alice waking up in a hospital room in Racoon City , where the video games of the Resident Evil saga begin .

What will happen to Alice now and what have they done to her? The answer to this question comes as she leaves the hospital and plows the ground in the town of Racoon with a rifle in her hand.

Technical sheet

  • Original and french title: Resident Evil
  • Quebec title: Resident Evil : The Evil Creatures
  • Director and screenplay: Paul WS Anderson
  • Sets and costumes: Richard Bridgland
  • Photography: David Johnson
  • Editing: Alexander Berner and Mehdi Nebbou
  • Music: Marco Beltrami and Marilyn Manson
  • Production: Paul WS Anderson , Jeremy Bolt , Bernd Eichinger and Samuel Hadida
  • Production Companies: Constantin Film , Davis Films , Impact Pictures and New Legacy Films
  • Country of Origin: United States , United Kingdom , France , Germany
  • Budget: 32 million of US dollars
  • Original language: American and British English
  • Format: color – 35 mm – 1.85: 1 – sound DTS , SDDS
  • Genres: Action , Horror , Science Fiction
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Release dates:
    •  United States : (preview in Los Angeles );  (National)
    •  France :
  • Classification: Forbidden to children under 12 when it is released in France


  • Milla Jovovich (VF: Barbara Kelsch , VQ: Élise Bertrand ) : Alice
  • Michelle Rodriguez (VF: Julie Dumas , VQ: Hélène Mondoux ) : Rain Ocampo
  • Eric Mabius (VF: Thierry Wermuth , VQ: Benoît Ethier) : Matthew “Matt” Addison
  • James Purefoy (VF: Jean-Pierre Michael , VQ: Daniel Picard ) : Spence Parks
  • Martin Crewes (VF: Jean-Philippe Puymartin , VQ: Martin Watier ) : Chad Kaplan
  • Colin Salmon (VF: Thierry Desroses , VQ: Benoit Rousseau ) : James “One” Shade
  • Ryan McCluskey : Mr. Gray
  • Oscar Pearce : Mr. Green
  • Indra Ové : Miss Black
  • Anna Bolt VF : Caroline Santini )r Green
  • Joseph May : r Blue
  • Robert Tannion : r Brown
  • Heike Makatsch : r Lisa Addison
  • Stephen Billington : Mr. White
  • Fiona Glascott : Miss Gold
  • Pasquale Aleardi (VF: Mathieu Buscatto, VQ: Gilbert Lachance ) : JD Salinas
  • Liz May Bryce : Olga Danilova
  • Torsten Jerabek : Vance Drew
  • Marc Logan-Black : Alfonso Warner
  • Michaela Dicker (VF: Dorothée Pousséo , VQ: Stéfanie Dolan) : The Red Queen
  • Jason Isaacs (VF: Daniel Beretta ; DV: Guy Nadon )r William Birkin / narrator
  • Jeremy Bolt : a zombie
  • Barry Best : a zombie
 Source and legend : French version ( VF ) on RS Dubbing 2 and Quebec version (VQ) on 3


Resident Evil Soundtrack is the soundtrack of the movie. This soundtrack brings together the biggest metal / hard rock bands , new in the Resident Evil series.

o title Author (s) duration
1. My Plague (New Abuse Mix) Slipknot
2. The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix) Marilyn Manson
3. Something Told Me Coal Chamber
4. Everyone Adema
5. Invisible Wounds (The Suture Mix) Fear Factory
6. Anything But This Static-X
7. Name Of The Game The Crystal Method
8. Dig (Everything And Nothing Remix) Mudvayne
9. Hallelujah Rammstein
10. Dirt Depeche Mode
11. Release Yo ‘Self ( The Prodigy Mix) Method Man
12. What’s Around (Day Of The Dead Mix) Ill Nino
13. 800 Saliva
14. The Infinity Five Pointe O
15. Resident Evil Main Title Theme (Score) Marilyn Manson
16. Seizure Of Power (Score) Tim Skold
17. Reunion (Score) Marilyn Manson
18. Cleansing (Score) Marilyn Manson

Box office

Country or region Box Office Box office shutdown date Number of weeks
 United States Canada $ 40,119,719 4 8
 UK 605,574 entries 5 5
 Germany 959,597 entries 6 5
 la France 1 109 289 entries 6 5
 World $ 102,984,862 4


  • 2003
    Academy of science fiction movies, fantastic and horror
    Best horror movie
    Best Actress for Milla Jovovich


The film was originally intended to be written and directed by George A. Romero ( Night of the Living Dead , 1968), but he left the project in 1999 as a result of artistic differences with the production because Capcom had refused Romero’s screenplay. The script is nevertheless available on the net, we see that the film was the scenario of the first 2 games Resident Evil, in fact, Romero had asked one of his assistants to play the first 2 Resident Evil and record his games on tape so that he can write scenario 7 .

The film was originally titled Resident Evil: Ground Zero 8 but was renamed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 . [ref. necessary]

Survivors [ change | change the code ]

  • Alice
  • Matt Addison (later became Nemesis)

Deaths [ change | change the code ]

  • Miss Black, an employee of Umbrella will be beheaded after trying to get a lift.
  • Mr. Gray, Mr. Red, Dr. Green, Dr. Blue, Dr. Brown, Lisa, Clarence, Mr. White and Ms. Gold will be changed into zombies by the Umbrella Corporation incident and some will be shot by Alice And the others.
  • Olga Danilova is beheaded by a laser in the laser corridors.
  • The st Commando killed by lasers.
  • 2nd Commando killed by lasers.
  • James Shade, is cut into pieces by lasers.
  • JD bitten by a zombie and turns into a zombie and shot by Rain.
  • Spence Parks, after betraying Alice, Rain, Matt and Chad, the latter locks them up and runs away. Once arrived at the train, he will be devoured alive by a licker and will be later slaughtered by Alice after becoming a zombie.
  • Chad Kaplan, after starting the train, he will be caught by a licker off the train.
  • Rain Ocampo, despite the fact that she injects the anti-virus, the latter takes effect too late. She becomes a zombie and will be shot by Matt Addison.

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