San Andreas (movie)

San Andreas is anAmerican disaster film,in relief, directed byBrad Peytonreleased in2015. WithDwayne Johnson,Carla GuginoandAlexandra Daddario, he stages a family in the face of devastating events inLos AngelesandSan Franciscocaused by the opening of theSan Andreas Fault.

The film is released May 27, 2015 in France and May 29, 2015 in the United States , accompanied by mixed reviews, where he still achieves very good results at the box office.


In California , the San Andreas Fault eventually opens and causes an earthquake of magnitude 9.6 , the largest earthquake in history. Ray Gaines (Dwayne Johnson), a mountain rescue helicopter pilot, and his ex-wife Emma (Carla Gugino) leave Los Angeles for San Francisco in hopes of finding and saving their now unique daughter, Blake (his sister Mallory has died drowned a few years ago). As they embark on this dangerous chaotic journey to the north of the state, thinking that the worst is now behind them, they soon realize that the reality is even more appalling.

Detailed Summary

In the San Fernando Valley , California , a young woman, Nathalie, is rescued by a mountain rescue helicopter pilot, Ray Gaines, following a small magnitude landslide that caused the fall of his car in a very narrow gorge. A few days later, two seismologists, Professor Lawrence Hays and Dr. Kim Park, think they can predict earthquakes. They then go to Nevada , at Hoover Dam , Colorado, where slight jerks were detected, to test their theory. Once on site, they find that they can indeed anticipate earthquakes, after noticing that magnetic pulsations in the ground increase before each jolt. But a few seconds later, Kim realizes that the pulsations continue to increase, and this in a very intense way, which ends up causing an earthquake of magnitude 7.1, causing the collapse of the dam and Kim’s death. The next day, Lawrence takes advantage of the presence of a journalist who wishes to carry out a report on this earthquake to announce that they can foresee the earthquakes, but the interview is interrupted by the arrival of two young scientists who teach Lawrence that of Strong seismic shocks were detected all along the San Andreas Fault . Lawrence concludes that the entire San Andreas Fault is opening up considerably.

At the same time, Los Angeles is devastated by a devastating earthquake of magnitude 8.5 and Emma, the former wife of Ray, follows the advice of the latter via a laptop, and takes refuge at the top of the building in which she found. As he was about to leave Nevada by helicopter, Ray changed direction to rescue Emma before the building collapsed. Meanwhile, Professor Lawrence discovers that the San Andreas Fault is in full swing, and that the tremors are heading towards San Francisco .

Blake, the now unique girl (her sister Malaury is drowned a few years before, without her father being able to save her) of Ray and Emma, who is in San Francisco with Daniel (Emma’s companion, at whom she has moved in), is abandoned by the latter who prefers to flee the underground parking of the building where they were rather than save Blake, because the girl is stuck in a car, and the ceiling threatens to break. Blake, however, manages to make contact with his father, who then takes the direction of San Francisco with Emma. But in the meantime, Blake is barely saved by two brothers, Ben and Ollie Taylor.

But Lawrence discovers stunned that the current pulsations are identical or superior to those that preceded the devastating earthquakes. To warn the public that the worst is yet to come, Lawrence demands that the media be hacked to communicate information as quickly as possible.

Ray and Emma, who have been forced to change vehicles several times, reach San Francisco somehow, but are forced to leave the bay by boat when they discover the impending tsunami . They manage to overcome the huge wave before it crashes against the iconic Golden Gate Bridge , which collapses causing the death of hundreds of people including Daniel. Lawrence then tells his colleagues that this earthquake was of magnitude 9.6, the largest in history.

Blake, Ben and Ollie take refuge in a tower in time, but the water gradually enters the building. Ray and Emma manage to find Blake after cruising the flooded streets by boat, but the building begins to cave in, and Blake finds himself trapped, while the water rises more and more. Ray tries to save her, but helplessly attends to her loss of consciousness. He then manages to evacuate the building, trying to revive, and after several attempts, Blake comes back to life. After the disaster of San Andreas, Ray, Emma, Blake, Ben and Ollie, gathered in an emergency base, meet in front of a devastated and unrecognizable landscape, while help is busy around them. end Blake and Ben kiss each other.

Technical sheet

Unless otherwise stated or supplemented, the information mentioned in this section can be confirmed by the IMDb database .

  • Original title: San Andreas
  • Director: Brad Peyton
  • Scenario: Allan Loeb, Carlton Cuse , Chad Hayes, Carey Hayes, Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio
  • Artistic direction: Barry Chusid
  • Sets: Charlie Revai
  • Costumes: Wendy Chuck
  • Photography: Steve Yedlin
  • Editing: Bob Ducsay
  • Music: Andrew Lockington
  • Production: Beautiful Flynn and Tripp Vinson
  • Production Companies: Flynn Picture Company, New Line Cinema , Village Roadshow Pictures and Warner Bros.
  • Distribution companies: Warner Bros.
  • Budget: 110 million $ 1
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English
  • Format: color
  • Duration: 114 minutes
  • Genres: Action , Disaster , Drama
  • Release dates:
    •  Belgium ; France : 
    •  United States :


  • Dwayne Johnson VF : Guillaume Orsat , VQ : Benoit Rousseau ) : Raymond Gaines
  • Carla Gugino VF : Odile Cohen , VQ : Camille Cyr-Desmarais ) : Emma Gaines
  • Alexandra Daddario VF : Caroline Victoria , VQ : Stéfanie Dolan ) : Blake Gaines
  • Hugo Johnstone-Burt (en) VF : TARIC Mehani ; DV : Gabriel Lessard ) : Ben Taylor
  • Art Parkinson VF : Enzo Ratsito ) : Ollie Taylor
  • Ioan Gruffudd VF : Xavier Fagnon , VQ : Gilbert Lachance ) : Daniel Riddick
  • Paul Giamatti VF : Daniel Lafourcade ; DV : Pierre Auger )r Lawrence Hayes
  • Archie Panjabi VF : Karine Texier , VQ : Nadia Paradis ) : Serena Johnson
  • Will Yun Lee VF : Stéphane Scabbard)r Kim Park
  • Alec Utgoff VF : Jean Rieffel ) : Alexi
  • Marissa Neitling : Phoebe
  • Julian Shaw: Stoner
  • Kylie Minogue VF : Gaëlle Savary) : Susan Riddick
  • Todd Williams (en) VF : Namakan Koné) Marcus Crowlings
  • Colton Haynes : Joby O’Leary
  • Arabella Morton : Mallory Gaines
  • Morgan Griffin: Natalie
 Source and legend : French version ( VF ) on RS Dubbing 2 ; Quebec version (VQ) on 3


Genesis and development

The , it is announced that the New Line Cinema produces a disaster film about earthquakes, San Andreas: 3D on a screenplay by Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizzio 4 . On June 5 , 2012 , the studio designates Brad Peyton as director of the film. On July 18, 2012 , Carlton Cuse is chosen to re-write the screenplay. On July 18, 2013 , Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes, screenwriters of horror film Conjuring, Warren Records , are also chosen to re-write the screenplay for the film once again. The film is also produced by New Line andVillage Roadshow Pictures , with the Flynn Picture Company and the Australian Roadshow Village 5 .

Distribution of roles The , Dwayne Johnson is chosen to interpret the role of a helicopter pilot looking for his daughter after an earthquake. The, Alexandra Daddario joined the cast. The, Carla Gugino joined the cast also the film where she met again Dwayne Johnson, with whom she has shared poster Race to Witch Mountain and Faster 6 . The, Art Parkinson , who plays in the television series Game of Thrones , joined the cast, as Archie Panjabi on. The, Todd Williams joins the film to play the role of Marcus Crowlings, a friend of the character played by Dwayne Johnson. The, Colton Haynes , seen in the television series Teen Wolf and Arrow , joined the film in a supporting role 7 . The, Ioan Gruffudd joins the cast of the film in the role of the new boyfriend of Carla Gugino 8 . In June, the singer Kylie Minogue joins the cast of the film 9 , 10 .

Brad Peyton had already led Dwayne Johnson in Journey to the Center of the Earth 2: The Mysterious Island .


On 17 December 2013 , Variety reported that the film will be shot at Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast in Queensland in Australia 11 . The production of the film was to begin in April 2014 with locations including Ipswich and Brisbane 12 . On March 20, 2014 , it is announced that the film Gods of Egypt will enter production, San Andreas will enter production soon after 13 . On 16 April 2014 , Dwayne Johnsonpost pictures of the production on Twitter 14 ‘ 15 .

The filming begins on 22 April 2014 in Australia , then in Los Angeles , Bakersfield and San Francisco 16 ‘ 17 . On May 12 , filming takes place in Lockyer Valley 18 . The 10 and 11 May , filming takes place in Los Angeles and the production back to Australia turn the rest of the scenes 19 . On May 17 , the second crew film scenes at Bakersfield, where a helicopter is sighted while Dwayne Johnson is busy at Gold Coast 20 . TheJune 22 , the film crew is seen filming scenes of disaster on Elizabeth Street in Brisbane .

The second crew of the film begins shooting scenes on July 8 in San Francisco while the first technical team starts shooting between July 21 and 27, 21 . Between 15 and 16 July , the first team filmed scenes in Fisherman’s Wharf , while the second team also turns scenes in the Embarcadero on 16 July 22 . On July 21 , the shooting take place at AT & T Park , where the team runs more scenes during the game San Francisco Giants 23 . TheJuly 22 , the film crew turns scenes of earthquakes with fake corpses and fake garbage at Hyde and Lombard Streets in Russian Hill 24 . On July 23 , the team turns a disaster scene in The Armory 25 . On July 26 , filming takes place near the Fairmont Hotel . The last day of filming takes place at California Streetin the Financial District on 27 July 2014 26 .

The building where the panoramic restaurant is located is that of the hotel ” The Standard Downtown ” 27 . It was changed in the movie and the panoramic restaurant was added digitally.

The actors have spent nearly a week to shoot scenes in the water 28 . The production has leased the largest basin in Australia, and one of the largest in the world, a basin that contains nearly 2 million gallons of water, to sink a building of 900 square feet in seconds. It was the largest structure ever built in a place like this 28 .


On July 24, 2014 is announced that the composer chosen for the film will be Andrew Lockington. For the anecdote, the composer has obtained sound recordings of the San Andreas Fault in motion, from scientists. He then transposed this information into musical notes. The latter, like the sound effects of the earthquake that are heard in the film, therefore reflect the real sounds of the San Andreas fault 29 .

In one of the trailers unveiled for the film, singer Sia performs ” California Dreamin ” from The Mamas and the Papas .


On 5 December 2013 , the Warner Bros. reveals to want to distribute the film in cinemas on June 5, 2015 in 2D and 3D . Later, on October 21 , the Warner Bros. advance the release of the film to May 29, 2015 . This is the first film of the Warner Bros. to be distributed in a Dolby Cinema 30 .


On March 17, 2014 , a poster of the film with Dwayne Johnson is revealed. The first trailer is unveiled on December 9, 2014 .

After the 2015 earthquake in Nepal , Warner has reviewed differently promote the film and chose to focus on the less dramatic aspect of the film: the prevention of earthquakes 31 .


Despite a great commercial success, the film receives rather mixed reviews from critics at its release.

On the American critics website Rotten Tomatoes , the film gets 49% of positive reviews, based on 156 reviews, with an average rating of 5.2 / 10. Criticism of the film [Who?] Speaks of “a movie with a very good casting and special effects, but in the midst of all this destruction, the characters and the plot of the film are much less worked. » [Ref. necessary] . As for the spectators, the film receives 64% of positive reviews with an average of 3.6 / 5 32 . The Metacriticsite scores 43 out of 100, based on 41 reviews indicating “mixed or medium reviews. ” 33 . Polls onCinemaScore made during the film’s weekend release reveal that moviegoers gave an average score for the film equivalent to an A- on a scale from A + to F 34 .

In France , the site Allociné offers a score of 3 out of 5 stars from the interpretation of 6 press reviews, while on the spectator side, the average is 3.4 out of 5 35 . According to Premiè , the press gives 2 stars to the film out of 4 while the spectators are much more clement, giving a total of 3 out of 4 stars 36 . These [What?] Are also quite mixed: Caroline Vié, from the daily 20 minutes , said that “Dwayne Johnson saves once again the setting in” San Andreas “Brad Peyton, cheering film disaster led drum. ” With a score of 3 out of 4 stars, writingDirect Matin declares “Disemboweled buildings, devastated city, apocalyptic atmosphere, race against time, tsunami breaking on the San Francisco bridge, all the ingredients of the disaster movie are gathered. ” With a rating of 2 stars out of 4. Simon Riaux of Widescreen said the film is ” stupid, predictable, spectacular. An old-fashioned disaster movie. ” With a score of 2 out of 5 stars, Noémie Luciani in Le Monde declares in turn ” certainly, the special effects are unfolding with all the capital letters that can be given to the word “SPECTACULAR”: the set is, All in all, quite distracting. ” 36 . The worst criticism of the film is given by Hubert Lizé ofParisian who speaks of a film “with its very adolescent tone, even nunuche, the intimate side of the story does not weigh heavily compared to the disaster component. We even come close to ridicule in this happy end tinged with family heroism. ” . This gives a rating of only 1 star out of 4 36 .

Box office

Screened in 3777 cinemas during the weekend of its release in the United States , the film is also screened in 3200 3D theaters . Several days ago, some rumors predict that the film could pocket more than 40 million dollars during its first weekend of operation. The film eventually makes more than $ 53 million in revenue 37 of which $ 18 million just for its opening Friday. This is the highest grossing opening film with the headline Dwayne Johnson , surpassing the 36 million dollar opening of The Scorpion King in 2002 38 .

As at 14 June 2015, the film already obtained nearly $ 120 million in revenue, repaying its budget of 110 million (with a total of 473,790,832 dollars in revenue worldwide) 39 .

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