Sverdlov (movie)

Sverdlov ( Яков Свердлов ) is a Soviet biographical, historical and dramatic film of Sergei Yutkevich, released in 1940 .

The film presents the life and activities of Iakov Sverdlov , the third President of the Central Executive Committee 1 .

The director and actor Sergei Yutkevich Leonid Lioubachevski embodying Sverdlov are awarded the Stalin Prize of the II th class in 1941.


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In 1902, in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod , the young revolutionary Yakov Sverdlov, with the financial support of Maxim Gorky , obtained a press to be able to clandestinely print anti-tsarist propaganda. Three years later, Sverdlov led the agit-prop in the Urals , inciting the workers to revolt by arms against the Tsarist regime, but he was arrested and sent to camps in Siberia. In 1917, when Nicholas II was overthrown, he quickly occupied an important political post.

He returned to Nizhny Novgorod, where he opposed Lev Mironov  (ru) , chairman of the party committee, and other Trotskyists .

Technical sheet

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  • Title: Sverdlov
  • Original title: Yakov Sverdlov
  • German title: Der erste Präsident
  • Director: Sergey Yutkevich
  • Scenario: Boris Levin , Piotr Pavlenko
  • Photography: Iosif Martov
  • Music: David Block
  • Production Company: Soyuzdetfilm
  • Duration: 124 minutes (restored version: 108 minutes)
  • Country: Soviet Union
  • Genre: Historical, Biographical
  • Russian language
  • Release date: Soviet Union December 12, 1940


  • Leonid Lioubachevski : Sverdlov
  • Maxim Schtrauch  (ru) : Lenin
  • Andro Kobaladze: Stalin (sequences suppressed by censorship in 1965)
  • Pavel Kadochnikov  (en) : Lionka Sukhov Young / Maxime Gorky
  • Vasily Markov : Felix Dzerzhinsky
  • Nikolai Kryuchov : Trofimov
  • Nikolai Gorlov  (ru) : Constantin Mironov
  • Pavel Springfeld  (ru) : Aleksey Sukhov
  • Alexander Gretchany  (ru) : Votinov says Mosquito
  • Vladimir Vladislavski  (ru) : Kasimir Petrovich
  • Nikolai Okhlopkov : Fedor Chaliapin
  • Ksenia Tarassova  (ru) : Anissia, wife of Sukhov
  • Ivan Lioubeznov  (ru) : bandit
  • Igor Smirnov : Lionka Sukhov child
  • Sergei Filippov  (ru) : SR sailor
  • Boris Tenine  (ru) : songwriter
  • Stepan Kaiukov : ride owner
  • Evgueni Gurov  (ru) : Attorney
  • Gueorgui Milliar : merchant
  • Konstantin Zoubov  (ru) : episode
  • Lev Potemkin  (ru) : Herbert Sleutz
  • Mikhail Pugovkin : Worker
  • Boris Blinov  (ru) : Zhelezniak
  • Yuri Toloubeev  (ru) : Ismailov
  • Iruna Fedotova: Zina, Mironov’s wife
  • Ivan Nazarov: Akim


The film was restored in 1965 by Mosfilm Studios .

Notes and references

  1. ↑ Officially, for the Soviets, the first President

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