Troy (in ancient Greek Τροία / Troía and Turkish Truva ) is a lost city, both historical and legendary, located at the entrance to the Hellespont , not far from the Aegean Sea , in Troad , Asia Minor , in the current Turkey , in Hissarlık . Its name comes from the Hittite Taruiša (“rivers”) according to the linguists 1 or Tros , the hero namesake of Troy, according to mythology ; it is also called Teucrieby the poets, from the name of his first mythical king, Teucros of Phrygia , or Ilios (in ancient Greek Ἴλιος / Ílios ) or Ilion (in ancient Greek Ἴλιον / Ílion ), which according to linguists could come from the Hittite Wilusa , and according to the mythology of the name of its founder: Ilos . With the Eolide , Troad was one of the subregions of Mysia , and it was also known as Helspontic Phrygia in the Achaemenid era .

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