Jean de la Fontaine, the challenge

Jean de La Fontaine, the challenge is a French film directed by Daniel Vigne , released in 2007 .


September 5, 1661 : Fouquet , the powerful minister of the king, is arrested by order of Jean-Baptiste Colbert ; the young Louis XIV becomes sole master of the kingdom. While the other artists rush to the service of the divine right monarch, only one of them rises to affirm his support for the deposed superintendent: the artist Jean de La Fontaine . Colbert swore to bend the rebel who places art above the king.

Even in misery, La Fontaine will never give up his beliefs. He resists, amuses himself, observes, writes fables, murderous pamphlets against a despotic regime in full decadence.

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The Return of Martin Guerre

The Return of Martin Guerre is a French film directed by Daniel Vigne , released on. It is a fictionalized version of the Martin Guerre case that tells of the return of a countryman, after an absence of several years, in his native village. Although recounting many details of his previous life, Martin is accused by some villagers of impersonation and sowing doubt in the small community.

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