Two sisters for a king

Two Sisters for a King ( The Other Boleyn Girl ) is a British – American film directed by Justin Chadwick , released in 2008 .

This chronicle traces the story of Mary and Anne Boleyn , two sisters of the court of King Henry VIII of England who maintain a fratricidal rivalry in order to dispute the favors of the king.

Chadwick’s film is an adaptation of the bestseller of the same name written by the British novelist Philippa Gregory .

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The Eagle of the Ninth Legion (film)

The Eagle of the Ninth Legion ( The Eagle ) is aBritish-American peplum directed by Kevin Macdonald . This is an adaptation of the novel The Eagle of the Ninth Legion ( The Eagle of the Ninth ) by Rosemary Sutcliff , itself inspired by a historical enigma, the supposed disappearance of the ninth Roman legion in northern Scotland at the beginning ofii th century AD 1 . The film was released on February 11, 2011 in the United States 2 .

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