The Chouans

Les Chouans is a novel by Honoré de Balzac published in 1829 by Urbain Canel .

Begun in the autumn of 1828 and almost finished at Fougeres , in the house of General Gilbert de Pommereul , who was the guest of Balzac and who always remained his friend, the novel was first entitled The Guy , then The Chouans or Brittany thirty years ago , before becoming provisionally The Last Chouan . The first edition in 1829 in Urban finally bore the title The Last Chouan or Brittany in 1800 , a reference to the Last of the Mohicans by James Cooper , published three years 1 . In 1834, at Editions Vimont, the title changed again for Les Chouans or Brittany in 1799 . In the Furne edition of 1845 , Les Chouans appears in volume xiii of La Comédie humaine in the Scenes section of the military life .

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