John Ford

John Martin Feeney was , said John Ford , is a director American , also producer , bornat Cape Elizabeth near Portland , Maine, and died onin Palm Desert ( California ).

He has been a four-time Oscar winner for best director b , 2 .

John Ford is one of the most important American directors of the classic Hollywood period (from the late 1920s to the late 1960s ). Of all the great American filmmakers he is the one whose influence is the most considerable. His career embraces that of the studios since he arrives in Hollywood at the moment when the big majorsset up and make his latest film as these majors begin to be led by financiers. Ford was admired and respected by the big bosses of Hollywood, of which he was often the friend: he turned quickly and respected the budgets. Despite this, he considered himself an employee overpaid by the studios to make films devoid of style so as not to disrupt the business of his employer 3 .

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