The Queen Margot (movie, 1994)

Queen Margot is a French film directed by Patrice Chéreau and released in theaters in 1994 .

Adapted from the famous novel The Queen Margot by Alexandre Dumas Sr., the film tells the life of Marguerite de Valois , known as “Margot”, played by Isabelle Adjani , her wedding with Henri de Navarre , future Henri IV , interpreted by Daniel Auteuil , passing by the massacre of St. Bartholomew . Jean-Hugues Anglade , Vincent Perez , Virna Lisi , Dominique Blanc , Pascal Greggory and Jean-Claude Brialy complete the cast .

Far-reaching European co-production with a budget of 140 million francs , the film is shot between France and Portugal over more than six months in 1993 . Despite a mixed criticism that criticizes his emphasis and his theatricality, he managed to gather more than two million viewers in French cinemas during the year 1994 , thus constituting the most important public success of its director.

At the Cannes Film Festival in 1994 , the film wins the Jury Prize and actress Virna Lisi is awarded the prize for female interpretation for her role as Catherine de Médicis . Named twelve times during the 20 th ceremony cinema Caesar , Queen Margot receives five Césars , including that of best actress for Isabelle Adjani . This period film is nominated for the Best Costume Oscar in 1995 .

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