Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven , or the Kingdom of Heaven inQuebec, is amovie German-American-Britishdirected byRidley Scott, released in2005.

It takes place at the end of the xii th century, shortly before the Third Crusade , and narrates the rise of a blacksmith bastard of a nobleman who left for the Holy Land and eventually defend Jerusalem against Saladin , fictionalized story Balian d’Ibelin . The shooting of the film took place in Spain and Morocco . When it came out, it was a commercial failure in the United States but was well received in the rest of the world, especially in Europe .

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Blade Background (movie, 1996)

White Squall ( White Squall ) is an American film from Ridley Scott released in 1996 . The film is adapted from the book The Last Voyage of the Albatross of Charles Gieg Jr. andFelix Sutton . Based on real facts, this book tells the tragedy of the Albatross sailboat : in 1961 , this ship sank abruptly off Florida , taking with it 6 of the 19 crew members. According to survivors’ testimonies, they were caught in an incredible storm, while the weather was excellent and calm. This weather phenomenon is called a white grain.

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