The Beatrice Passion

La Passion Béatrice is a movie Franco – Italian of Bertrand Tavernier , based on the novel (and title) of Michel Peyramaure . The film was shot at the castle of Puivert in 1987 .


François ( Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu ) is a man of his time, always absent, without stop at war. These times spent on the meadow to slaughter, burn, rape, have reduced this spirit to bits. Arrested by the British in 1346 at the Battle of Crécy and released after five years, he returned bruised and disillusioned.

Beatrice ( Julie Delpy ), in a castle punctuated by a heavy boredom, looks forward to the return of this father whom she longs to know, but who, during her absence, has made a violent agreement with the Devil.

Technical sheet

  • Title: The Beatrice Passion
  • Director: Bertrand Tavernier
  • Scenario: Colo Tavernier , after Michel Peyramaure
  • Sets: Guy-Claude François
  • Costumes: Jacqueline Moreau
  • Editing: Armand Psenny
  • Photography: Bruno de Keyzer
  • Music: Ron Carter
  • Production: Adolphe Viezzi
  • Production company: AMLF
  • Country: France Italy
  • French language
  • Format: Color
  • Genre: Drama
  • Duration: 131 minutes
  • Release date :
    • France –


  • Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu : François de Cortemart
  • Julie Delpy : Beatrice Cortemart
  • Nils Tavernier : Arnaud de Cortemart
  • Monique Chaumette : the mother of François
  • Robert Dhéry : Raoul
  • Michèle Gleizer : Hélène
  • Maxime Leroux : Richard
  • Jean-Claude Adelin : Bertrand Lemartin
  • Jean-Louis Grinfeld : White Master
  • Claude Duneton : the priest
  • Isabelle Nanty : the nanny
  • Jean-Luc Rivals : Jehan
  • Roseline Villaumé : Mary


  • 1988 : Caesar best costumes for Jacqueline Moreau

Nominations for three other Césars the same year:

  • Caesar of the best decorations : Guy-Claude François
  • Cesar Award for Best Original Screenplay or adaptation : Colo Tavernier
  • César of the best female hope : Julie Delpy

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