The Black Eagle (movie, 1925)

The Black Eagle ( The Eagle ) is an American silent film , directed by Clarence Brown , released in 1925 from a short story by Pushkin.

This is the penultimate film shot by Rudolph Valentino , who died in August 1926.


Russian army officer Vladimir Dobrovsky (Rudolph Valentino) is noticed by Tsarina Catherine II(Louise Dresser) after rescuing a young woman, Mascha (Vilma Bánky). The Tsarina having tried to seduce him, he fled and the Empress, furious, puts her head at a price. Shortly after, his father died after being stripped of his land by a nobleman, Kyrilla Troekouroff (James A. Marcus), Vladimir vows to avenge him and becomes “Black Eagle”, a kind of Robin Hood wearing a mask black. But he discovers that Troekouroff is Mascha’s father; he tries to go away, accepting a place of preceptor. His love for Mascha being stronger than anything, he becomes more and more reluctant to continue his revenge, and eventually both run away together. Vladimir is captured by the men of the Tsarina who condemns him to be executed. But at the last moment she changes her mind and lets him, under a false French name,Russia to Paris with Mascha.

Technical sheet

  • Title: The Black Eagle
  • Original title: The Eagle
  • Director: Clarence Brown
  • Script: Hans Kraly , based on the novel Doubrovsky of Alexander Pushkin
  • Editing: Hal C. Kern
  • Photography: George Barnes and Dev Jennings
  • Production: John W. Considine Jr. for Art Finance Corp.
  • Distribution: United Artists
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Format: Black and White – Silent Film
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Release date: November 8, 1925


  • Rudolph Valentino : Vladimir Dubrovsky
  • Vilma Bánky : Mascha Troekouroff
  • Louise Dresser : Tsarina Catherine II
  • Albert Conti : Captain Kuscha
  • James A. Marcus : Kyrilla Troekouroff
  • George Nichols : the judge
  • Carrie Clark Ward : Aunt Aurelia
  • Otto Hoffman (uncredited): The man is stealing his purse

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