The Blood of the Knights Templar (movie, 2011)

The Blood of the Templars or Besieged ( Ironclad ) is an American – Anglo – Germanic film directed by Jonathan English, released in 2011 .


The , King John Lackland is imposed the signature of the Magna Carta . This charter limits its royal powers by guaranteeing the right to individual liberty. Determined to put the whole country under his control and to regain power, he refuses to apply this charter, which breaks out the War of the barons helped knights Templarsreturned from the Crusade. Finding refuge for a night at the castle of Baron Darnay, these knights are massacred by the band of Danish mercenaries led by Captain Tiberius and engaged by the king. Thomas Marshall, the only surviving Templar, then turns to Baron d’Aubigny who recruits some men of confidence to hold a strategic position, theRochester Castle , Reginald of Cornhill Fortress which is to become the bridgehead of its reconquest. This handful of fighters resisted the siege imposed on them by King John in October 1215. After the first assault was rejected, Marshall, breaking his vows, yielded to the advances of the young woman and brought Lady Isabel, wife of the old Baron de Cornhill. During the final assault, the defenders retrench in the dungeon. King John has 40 pigs brought in a tunnel dug under the castle. Their grease being extremely flammable, under the effect of the confinement, the flames and the heat make collapse a part of the dungeon 1 . The besieged die one by one, with the exception of Marshall, Isabel and the young Guy (knight of Baron d’Aubigny) who are saved by thePrince Louis and the Archbishop of Canterbury Étienne Langton .

Technical sheet

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  • Original title: Ironclad
  • French title: Le Sang des Templiers
  • Québec title: Besieged
  • Director: Jonathan English
  • Scenario: Jonathan English , Erick Kastel , Stephen McDool
  • Editing: Peter Amundson , Gavin Buckley
  • Music: Lorne Balfe
  • Producers: Rick Benattar , Andrew J. Curtis , Jonathan English , Brian Brightly (associate), Robyn Owen (associate)
  • Executive Producers: Glenn Kendrick Ackermann , Christian Arnold-Beutel , Evan Astrowsky , Graham Begg , Adam Betteridge , Alastair Burlingham , Jamie Carmichael , John Evangelides , Uwe Feuersenger , Mark Foligno , James Gibb , Linda James , Steve Robbins , David Rogers , Marcus Schöfer , Tilo Seiffert , Deepak Sikka , Andrew Warren , Al Munteanu (co-executive producer)
  • Production companies: Mythic International Entertainment , ContentFilm International , VIP Medienfonds 4 , Premiere Picture , Rising Star , Silver Reel , The Wales Creative IP Fund , Molinare , Perpetual Media Capital
  • Distribution Companies: France Metropolitan Filmexport , United Kingdom Warner Bros. , United States ARC Entertainment (II)
  • Country: United Kingdom , Switzerland , United States , Germany
  • Duration: 121 minutes
  • Release dates:
    •  United Kingdom :
    •  France :
    •  United States :


  • James Purefoy (VF: Joel Zaffarano ) : Thomas Marshall
  • Brian Cox (VF: Paul Borne ) : Baron William of Aubigny  (en)
  • Kate Mara (VF: Veronique Volta) : Lady Isabelle
  • Derek Jacobi (VF: Jean-Yves Chatelais ) : Baron Reginald Cornhill
  • Paul Giamatti (VF: Gerard Darier ) : King John
  • Charles Dance (VF: Philippe Catoire ) : Archbishop Langton
  • Jason Flemyng (VF Bernard Metals ) : Gil Beckett
  • Jamie Foreman (VF: Jean-Jacques Moreau ) : Jedediah Coteral
  • Mackenzie Crook (VF: Jérémy Prévost ) : Daniel Marks
  • Rhys Parry Jones (VF: Sylvain Lemarié ) : Joseph Wulfstan
  • Aneurin Barnard (VF: Brice Ournac ) : Squire Guy
  • Vladimir Kulich (VF: Marc Alfos ) : Captain Tiberius
  • David Melville (VF: Raphael Cohen ) : Baron Darnay
  • Annabelle Apsion (VF: Catherine Hamilty) : Maddy
  • Steffan Rhodri: Cooper
  • Daniel O’Meara: Phipps
  • Bree Condon: Agnes
  • Guy Siner (VF: Denis Boileau) : Oaks
  • Marcus Hoyland (VF: Simon Eine ) : Father Marcus
  • John Pierce Jones: cook
Source : French version on AlloDoublage 2 .

Box office

Box office results by region / country
Country Box office
 World US $ 5,000,000
 la France 110,000 entries

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