The Case of the necklace (film)

The Affair of the Necklace (original title: The Affair of the Necklace ) is an American film of Charles Shyer released in 2001 , on the fabric of the Affair of the Queen ‘s Necklace.

He was nominated in 2001 for the Satellite Award for Best Costumes and ended in a bitter box office failure.


The young Countess Jeanne de La Motte-Valois , supposedly of royal descent, seeks to regain her place in the French aristocracy, which is why she must buy titles of nobility. To achieve this, Jeanne turns to Cardinal Rohan , then excluded from the court. So that he returns to the good graces of Marie AntoinetteJeanne proposes to the cardinal that he secretly serve as an intermediary with jewelers for the purchase of a necklace of diamonds of inestimable value and that the queen will be grateful to him. She convinces him by revealing letters supposedly signed by the Queen asking to shut up with the King the acquisition of this jewel. This is indeed a fraudulent coup aimed at extracting money from the Cardinal, whom Jeanne has brought up with her husband, Count de la Motte, and her lover Retaux de Villette, who wants to buy the house. his father’s family and regain his social rank scorned.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: The Affair of the Necklace
  • Director: Charles Shyer
  • Scenario: John Sweet
  • Studios: Studios Barrandov ( Prague )
  • Duration: 118 minutes
  • Release date: United States : November 30, 2001


  • Hilary Swank (VF: Marjorie Frantz ) : Jeanne de La Motte-Valois
  • Jonathan Pryce (VF: Jean-Luc Kayser ) : Cardinal Louis de Rohan
  • Adrien Brody (VF: Stéphane Ronchewski ) : Count Nicolas de La Motte
  • Simon Baker (VF: Arnaud Arbessier) : Retalias de Villette
  • Joely Richardson (VF: Cecilia Paoli ) : Marie Antoinette
  • Christopher Walken (VF: Bernard Tiphaine ) : Count Cagliostro
  • Simon Shackleton : Louis XVI
  • Hayden Panettiere (VF: Laurence Jeanneret ) : Jeanne Child
  • Brian Cox (VF: Philippe Catoire ) : Baron de Breteuil , Minister of the King
  • Paul Brooke (VF: Jean-Paul Farré )Mr. Bohmer
  • Helen Masters : Madame Campan
  • Michael Bills (appearing)
Source and captionFrench version (VF) on Voxofilm 1

Notes and references

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