The Countess (movie, 2009)

The Countess ( The Countess ) is a film directed by Julie Delpy – who also holds the title role – released in 2009 and in France the.


Erzsébet Báthory is a Hungarian countess , married to Count Ferenc Nadasdy. During the war against the Turks and in the absence of her husband, Erzsébet manages perfectly the administration of its castle and its lands. Between a husband with an innate talent in military strategy and a woman like Erzsébet, the couple is extremely respected. But Nadasdy dies and his widow becomes more and more powerful, making it redoubtable to everyone, including those of King Matthias .

At a ball, Erzsébet meets Istvan Thurzo, a young noble aged only 21, with whom she begins a brief and passionate affair. His father, Gyorgy, who also coveted the Countess Báthory, decided to separate them by sending him a letter signed by his son’s name announcing that he loves another more than anything else. Unconvincing and convinced that it was her advanced age that kept her away from Istvan, Erzsébet Báthory remained reclusive in her apartments in Čachtice Castle . By wounding a maid, she discovers that the young virgins’ blood rejuvenates her and makes her skin softer and thinner; at least, she’s convinced. The infernal machine is then running and many girls disappear to feed the dark designs of the Countess …

Technical sheet

  • Director: Julie Delpy
  • Scenario: Julie Delpy
  • Photography: Martin Ruhe
  • Original music: Julie Delpy
  • Language: English
  • Genre: History, drama, thriller, horror
  • Duration: 98 min
  • Release dates:
    •   Germany
    •   la France


  • Julie Delpy (VF: herself) : Countess Erzsébet Báthory
  • Daniel Brühl (VF: Mathias Kozlowski ) : Istvan Thurzo
  • William Hurt (VF: Feodor Atkine ) : György Thurzó
  • Anamaria Marinca : Anna Darvulia
  • Sebastian Blomberg (VF: Jean-François Vlérick ) : Dominic Vizakna
  • Adriana Altaras  (en) : Aunt Klara Báthory
  • Charly Hübner (VF: Marc Alfos ) : Ferenc Nadasdy
  • Andy Gatjen : Miklos
  • Maria Simon (VF: Aurora Hello ) : Helena
  • Frederick Lau : Janos
  • Katrin Pollitt : Dorothea
  • Anna Maria Mühe (VF: Anne Tilloy ) : Bertha
  • Rolf Kanies : Count Krajevo
  • Christine Mayer : Kaija
  • Henriette Confurius : Kayla
  • Nora von Waldstätten (VF: Jessica Monceau ) : Kati von Kraj
  • Marlis Eulitz : Zusanna
  • Helen Woigk : Nadia
  • Jesse Inman : King Matthias
  • André Hennicke : Andreas Berthoni
  • Jeanette Hain : Anna Bathory

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