The Egyptian

Egyptian ( The Egyptian ) is an American film of Michael Curtiz released in 1954 . It is a free adaptation of the novel Sinouhe the Egyptian of the Finnish writer Mika Waltaripublished in 1945.


Thirteen centuries before our era, in Egypt . Sinouhé, abandoned child, is brought up by a doctor who transmits to him his vocation and his science. As an adult, he moved to Thebes and put his medical skills at the service of the poorest. One day, in the desert, Sinouhe and his friend, the ambitious Horemheb , save from the claws of a lion a stranger in prayer. This man is none other than the pharaoh Akhenaton. As a sign of gratitude, he names Horemheb guard officer and Sinouhe doctor of the Palace. To celebrate this happy event, the two men go to a house of pleasure held by the beautiful and mysterious Nefer. Sinouhé succumbs to the charm of the courtesan. But behind the perfect plastic of the young woman, hides a greedy soul, devoid of any human feeling.

Technical sheet

  • Title: The Egyptian
  • Original title: The Egyptian
  • Director: Michael Curtiz , assisted by Ray Kellogg (uncredited)
  • Production: Darryl F. Zanuck for Twentieth Century Fox
  • Scenario: Philip Dunne and Casey Robinson after the novel Sinouhé, the Egyptian “Myrina” by Mika Waltari
  • Music: Alfred Newman and Bernard Herrmann
  • Photography: Leon Shamroy
  • Artistic direction: Lyle Wheeler and George W. Davis
  • Costumes: Kay Nelson
  • Editing: Barbara McLean
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Format: Color DeLuxe Cinemascope
  • Genre: Peplum
  • Duration: 139 minutes
  • Release dates:


  • Jean Simmons (VF: Nelly Benedetti ) : Merit
  • Victor Mature (VF: Jacques Erwin ) : Horemheb
  • Gene Tierney (VF: Françoise Gaudray) : Baketamon
  • Michael Wilding (VF: Jacques François ) : Akhenaton
  • Edmund Purdom (VF: André Falcon ) : Sinouhe
  • Bella Darvi (VF: Bella Darvi ) : Nefer
  • Peter Ustinov (VF: Stéphane Audel ) : Kaptah
  • Judith Evelyn (VF: Marie Francey ) : Tiyi, the queen mother
  • Anitra Stevens : Nefertiti
  • John Carradine : The Tomb Raider
  • Henry Daniell (VF: Claude Péran ) : Mekere, high priest
  • Carl Benton Reid (VF: Paul City ) : Senmut, father of Sinouhé
  • Mike Mazurki (VF: Pierre Morin ) : Foreman of the House of the Dead
  • Michael Ansara (VF: Marcel Raine ) : Hittite commander
  • Ian MacDonald (VF: Pierre Morin ) : Commanding Officer
  • Tommy Rettig (VF: Linette Lemercier ) : Thoth, son of Mérit
  • Angela Clarke (uncredited): Kipa

Around the film

Marlon Brando was supposed to be the male lead in the film but, unconvinced by the screenplay and the fact that producer Darryl Zanuck imposed his mistress Bella Darvi in a role originally planned for Marilyn Monroe , the actor is desist in extremis . The Briton Edmund Purdom , revealed shortly before by The Student Prince , is then hired to replace Brando 1 .



  • Oscar Nomination for Best Photographer : Leon Shamroy

Notes and references

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