The Great Attack of the Golden Train

The Great Attack of the Golden Train (original title: The First Great Train Robbery ) is a British film directed by Michael Crichton , released in 1979 . It is adapted from Michael Crichton’s novel A golden train for Crimea , itself inspired by the great gold flight of 1855 in the United Kingdom during the Crimean War .


Edward Pierce wants to make a large steering attacking a train full of 25,000 £ in gold bullion to be used to finance the British troops in Crimea in 1855. But at the time, never theft was committed on of a train running and Pierce will have to innovate in all areas to achieve his goals.

Technical sheet

  • Title: The Great Attack of the Golden Train
  • English title: The First Great Train Robbery
  • Alternative title: The Great Train Robbery
  • Director: Michael Crichton
  • Scenario: Michael Crichton
  • Music: Jerry Goldsmith
  • Photography: Geoffrey Unsworth
  • Editing: David Bretherton
  • Production: John Foreman
  • Distribution Company: United Artists
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Format: Colors – Panavision
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Duration: 110 minutes
  • Release date : in France


  • Sean Connery (VF: Bernard Dheran 1 ) : Edward Pierce
  • Donald Sutherland (VF: Jean-Pierre Moulin ) : Robert Agar
  • Lesley-Anne Down (VF: Marion Loran ) : Miriam
  • Malcolm Ferris (VF: Roger Crouzet ) : Henry Fowler
  • Alan Webb (VF: Alfred Pasquali ) : Edgar Trent
  • Pamela Salem : Emily Trent
  • Gabrielle Lloyd (VF: Béatrice Delfe ) : Elizabeth Trent
  • Wayne Sleep  (en) : Willy eel

Around the film

  • This is the latest film enlightened by the director of photography, Geoffrey Unsworth , who will die on the set of the film Tess . The film is dedicated to him.


  • Edgar-Allan-Poe Award for Best Screenplay

Notes and references

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