The Great Flood

The Great Flood ( Flood ) is a disaster movie British directed by Tony Mitchell , released in 2007 . This is the adaptation of Richard Doyle’s eponymous novelreleased in 2002.


In front of the British weather station Wick , Scotland , the sea is unleashed. Suddenly, a gigantic wave carries the station to the bottom of the water. A little further, a woman and her mother are surprised by the flood of their house and find themselves trapped inside. In London , still unaware of these terrible events, Samantha Morrison, at the head of the Thames Barrier Control Center , watches with alarm the meteorological data she has just received. Fearing a flood in the center of the capital, she decides to activate the normal procedure of high tide.

Meanwhile, the meteorologists , summoned urgently to the Deputy Prime Minister, are sounded. They have just learned that part of the city of Wick has been devastated, leaving at least 21 victims and 15 missing. As the human toll continues to grow, the Deputy Prime Minister is indignant not to have been alerted to the disaster that was preparing. But these are justified: the weather is not an exact science and the trajectory of a storm is difficult to predict. They reassure him, however, since it seems to be moving eastward, giving respite to the English coast to head for the North Sea and Hoek van Holland .

However, this optimism is in total contradiction with the calculations of Professor Leonard Morrison, researcher and environmental specialist. According to him, the flood that is getting ready in London should be catastrophic. He alerts his ex-daughter-in-law Samantha Morrison and his son Rob, a marine engineer employed in the company under contract with the Thames Mobile Dam .

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Flood
  • French title: La Grande Inondation
  • Director: Tony Mitchell
  • Artistic direction: Steve Carter
  • Sets: Leon Van Der Merwe
  • Costumes: Kate Carin
  • Photography: Pierre Jodoin
  • Editing: Simon Webb
  • Music: Debbie Wiseman
  • Production: Justin Bodle
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Original language: English
  • Format: Color – 35mm – 1.85: 1 – DTS / Dolby Digital sound
  • Genre: disaster movie
  • Duration: 110 minutes (cinema), 187 minutes (TV)
  • Release dates:
    •  United Kingdom : (cinema)
    •  United Kingdom : (long version for TV)


  • Robert Carlyle VF : Eric Herson-Macarel ) : Rob Morrison
  • Jessalyn Gilsig VF : Rafael Moutier ) : Samantha Morrisson
  • Tom Courtenay : Leonard Morrison
  • Joanne Whalley VF : Martine Irzenski ) : Commissioner Patricia Nash
  • David Suchet VF : Roger Carel ) : Deputy Premier Campbell
  • Martin Ball : Wyatt
  • Nigel Planer : Keith Hopkins
  • David Hayman : General Ashcroft
  • Tom Hardy : Zack
  • Ronald France : Hedges


The film was shot in South Africa . It is notable for the use of complex production design and special effects rendering London’s famous landmarks such as the London Underground , the Westminster Palace and the partially submerged Millennium Dome .

Twenty-six studio sets were built with integrated water effects to film actors in many flood sequences. Miniature sets immersed in water-filled tanks were used to film large buildings such as the Thames Dam, the London Underground and car parks. Computer generated, visual effects were used for flooded London scenes by combining London shots with digitally created water. The scenes in Whitehall , on the Scottish coast, in the London Underground and the Thames Dam were shot in Cape Town .

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