The Lady of Windsor

The Lady of Windsor ( Mrs. Brown ), or Her Majesty Dame Brown in Quebec , is an Anglo – American film directed by John Madden and released in 1997 .


The film chronicles the incipient friendship, historically proven, between Queen Victoria and her Scottish groom John Brown .

Deeply affected since the death of her husband, the prince consort Albert , the queen mourns, avoids public appearances and disinterested in political life. Her private secretary, her doctor and her company ladies are sparing her but fail to pull her from her isolation. The secretary sent to Windsor Castle a groom of the late Prince, whose devotion to him was known to the Queen. Soon, John Brown’s outspokenness and roughness appeal to Victoria, who is not used to these protocol spells. For his part, the servant is sensitive to the friendship shown to him by the sovereign. They go on long horse rides on the Balmoral estate, where the court moved. Little by little, Brown invests beyond his office and personally watches over the Queen’s safety. The influence it has on her gives birth to rumor, so much so that she is nicknamed “Mrs. Brown.

Technical sheet

  • Title: The Lady of Windsor
  • Original title: Mrs. Brown , also distributed under the title Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown
  • Director: John Madden
  • Scenario: Jeremy Brock , based on an original idea by George Rosie
  • Photography: Richard Greatrex
  • Editing: Robin Sales
  • Music: Stephen Warbeck
  • Sets: Martin Childs and Charlotte Watts
  • Costumes: Deirdre Clancy
  • Producer: Sarah Curtis
  • Production: Scotland Films for BBC Scotland
  • Distribution: The Acacias and CCI
  • Country: United Kingdom , Ireland , United States
  • Duration: 103 minutes
  • Exit :   •  


  • Judi Dench (VQ: Elizabeth Lesieur ) : Queen Victoria
  • Billy Connolly (VQ: Vincent Davy ) : John Brown
  • Geoffrey Palmer  ( VQ: Claude Préfontaine ) : Henry Ponsonby  (en)
  • Antony Sher (VQ: Jean-Marie Moncelet ) : Benjamin Disraeli
  • Gerard Butler (VQ: Pierre Auger ) : Archie Brown
  • Richard Pasco (VQ: Ronald France ) : Dr. Jenner
  • David Westhead (VQ: Luis de Cespedes ) : The Prince of Wales
  • Bridget McConnel : Lady Ely
  • Georgie Glen : Lady Churchill
  • Sara Stewart : Princess Alexandra
  • Finty Williams: Princess Helena
  • Claire Nicolson: Princess Louise
  • Hattie Ladbury: Princess Alice
  • Oliver Kent: Prince Alfred
  • Alex Menzies: Prince Arthur
  • Simon McKerrell: Prince Leopold

Source : Quebec Dubbing 1


Judi Dench was named Best Actress at the 70th Annual Academy Awards and received three awards for this film:

  • BAFTA ‘s Best Actress
  • BAFTA Scotland ‘s Best Actress
  • Golden Globe of the best actress in a dramatic movie

Notes and references

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