The ocean on fire

The Ocean on Fire ( Brand im Ozean ) is a German film by Günther Rittau that was released in Germany in 1939, in Sweden and Finland in 1940, in France on January 15, 1941 and in East Germany in 1950. He was also presented in Greece, Italy and Spain.


The two friends Tom Finberg and Nick Dorland, who work for the Carribean Oil Company , fall in love with the same young woman, Juana, who owns a hacienda. On a misunderstanding, caused by the uncle of the young woman, Pedro de Alvarado, the two friends argue. However, when Tom is trapped by the flames of burning oil, Nick comes to his rescue.

Technical sheet

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  • Original title: Brand im Ozean
  • Director: Günther Rittau
  • Release date: 1939


  • Hans Söhnker : Nick Dorland
  • René Deltgen : Tom Finberg
  • Winnie Markus : Juana from Alvarado
  • Alexander Engel : Captain Gold
  • Michael Bohnen : Mc Gown
  • Rudolf Fernau : Pedro de Alvarado
  • Hansjoachim Büttner : Wilmsen engineer
  • Wolfgang Staudte : Ronny
  • Walter Bluhm : Parker
  • Karl Platen : Pueblo
  • James Bachert : Beppo
  • Louis Brody

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