The Princess of Eboli

The Princess of Eboli ( That Lady ) is a British – Spanish film directed by Terence Young , released in 1955 .


Ana, the princess of Eboli , wears a black eye patch because, during her youth and by accident she became one-eyed, in a duel defending King Philip II . Since this incident, she and the monarch maintain a deep friendship and a passion that will never be consumed. She marries a king’s minister, the prince of Ebola, but soon becomes a widow when the latter dies. The king uses a commoner, Antonio Pérez, so that he becomes the first secretary of the monarch. Philip II waits for Ana and Antonio to become lovers to create a scandal at the Court, now permanent shenanigans at the Royal Palace. Antonio is accused of murdering a secretary of Juan of Austriaand is imprisoned. Ana resists from Madrid and she is also imprisoned. After some time in detention, she is locked up in her palace and constantly monitored. However Antonio escapes and tries to find the princess to convince her to leave the country with his son 1 .

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Technical sheet

  • Title: The Princess of Eboli
  • Original title: That Lady
  • Director: Terence Young
  • Writers: Bartlett Sy and Anthony Ensure after the play One Sweet Grape of Kate O’Brien
  • Production: Sy Bartlett and Ronald Kinnoch associate producer for Atalanta Film and Chapalo Films SA
  • Distribution: Twentieth Century Fox
  • Photography: Robert Krasker
  • Editing: Raymond Poulton
  • Music: John Addison and Ernesto Halffter (uncredited)
  • Artistic direction: Frank White
  • Costumes: Mariano Andreu
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom – Spain
  • Format: Color ( Technicolor ) – Sound: 4-Track Stereo
  • Genre: Historical Movie
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Release dates:
    •  United Kingdom :
    •  Spain :(first in Madrid )
    •  France :
    •  United States :


  • Olivia de Havilland : Ana de Mendoza, princess of Eboli
  • Gilbert Roland : Antonio Perez
  • Paul Scofield : King Philip II of Spain
  • Françoise Rosay : Bernardine
  • Dennis Price : Mateo Vasquez
  • Anthony Dawson : Don Inigo
  • Robert Harris : The Cardinal
  • Peter Illing : Diego
  • Christopher Lee : Philippe II’s aide-de-camp (and various small roles)
  • José Nieto : Don Juan de Escobedo

Around the film

  • In his autobiography The Lord of Harsh (French version edited by Coll. “Black Truck”), the actor Christopher Lee mentions that, while still unknown, he was hired to interpret the captain of the Guard “more other small roles Where one was not supposed to recognize him, as a masked assassin, a groom and a rider on an Arabian horse.

Notes and references

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