The Scarlet Letter (movie, 1926)

The Scarlet Letter ( The Scarlet Letter ) is an American silent film directed by Victor Sjöström (credited Victor Seastrom) in 1926 , also known as the French title La Lettre rouge .


A village in New England in 1645 . His very Puritan residents complain of Hester Prynne’s “shocking” behavior to Reverend Dimmesdale. He is attracted by the young woman and they have a passionate affair, quickly hit by the seal of infamy, especially since a child is born from this union …

Technical sheet

  • Scenario and inter-titles: Frances Marion , based on the novel The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Photography: Henrik Sartov
  • Artistic direction: Cedric Gibbons and Sidney Ullman
  • Costumes: Max Rée
  • Editing: Hugh Wynn
  • Assistant Director: Harold S. Bucquet
  • Producer: Victor Sjöström , for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Genre : Drama
  • Format: Black and white
  • Release date: August 9, 1926 , in the United States
  • Original duration: 115 minutes – Duration of the restored version in 2000 : 98 minutes


  • Lillian Gish : Hester Prynne
  • Lars Hanson : Arthur Dimmesdale
  • Henry B. Walthall : Roger Prynne
  • Karl Dane : Giles
  • William H. Tooker : The Governor
  • Marcelle Corday : Mistress Hibbins
  • Fred Herzog : The jailer
  • Jules Cowles : The beadle
  • Mary Hawes : Patience
  • Joyce Coad : Pearl
  • James A. Marcus : The French captain

Uncredited Actors:

  • Nora Cecil : A villager
  • Chief Yowlachie : The Indian with Roger Prynne


The Scarlet Letter (one of the American masterpieces of Swedish Sjöström, with The Wind – The Wind – in 1928 , of which Lillian Gish is also the performer) is the seventh film adaptation of Hawthorne’s novel. There will be four of which The Scarlet Letter (Der Scharlachrote Buchstabe) of Wim Wenders in 1973 , with Senta Berger and Lou Castel and The Lovers of the New World ( The Scarlet Letter ) of Roland Joffe in 1995 , with Demi Moore and Gary Oldman.

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