The Sevastopol Defense

The Defense of Sevastopol (Оборона Себастополя) is a historic Russian silent film released in 1911 that traces the defense of the port of Sevastopol by Russian troops during the Crimean War . This is the first feature film released in Russia . It is presented in preview to the Emperor Nicholas II at his palace of Livadia in Crimea , October 26, 1911.


The film begins with closeups of Nicolas er and Alexander II , as well as the Russian heroes of the battle, and continues with the meeting of the staff deciding on the strategy of the fleet on the Black Sea . A Russian boat is sunk and the population of the port strengthens the city. The Anglo-French fleet attacked on October 5, 1854, and the Russians counterattacked. The admiral Kornilov was mortally wounded. The film continues with the young sailor Kochka who takes prisoner a sentinel enemy. The bastion o 4 is attacked and taken by the Turks who leave the Russians alive, out of respect for their bravery. Plans then show Admiral Nakhimov, as well as wounded in a military hospital, where a nurse recognizes among them her husband.

Sevastopol is besieged on and Admiral Nakhimov loses his life. The film shows a lazaretto then the Anglo-French-Turkish command, then the assault of Captain Khrouliov and the death of Captain Ostrovski. Then, period images show French soldiers in Malakoff , then decorated French, Russian and Russian veterans as well as nurses fifty years later.


  • Count Totleben : A. Bibikov
  • Admiral Nakhimov : Andrej Gromov
  • Admiral Kornilov : Ivan Mosjoukine
  • The cook: Olga Petrova-Zvantseva

Technical team

  • Directed and screenplay: Vasily Goncharov , Alexander Khanjonkov
  • Director of photography: Louis Forestier
  • Production: Alexander Khanjonkov
  • Duration: 100 min
  • Cost of production: 40 000 rubles

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