The Thames Sparrow

The Thames Sparrow ( The Mudlark ) is an American – British film of Jean Negulesco released in 1950 .


In the 1870s, Wheeler was a young orphan who survives as a scavenger on the banks of the Thames . One day, he finds a body on the banks and steals a cameo. A night watchman tells him that the woman he represents is Queen Victoria , who has been a recluse at Windsor Castle since the death of her husband Prince Albert fifteen years ago. Wheeler, intrigued by the Queen’s maternal appearance, decides to go to Windsor to see her.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli is visiting the castle and informs the Queen that his confinement gives a negative image of royalty even though he can not get through a major reform program.

The arrival of Wheeler will trigger a series of events that will finally push the queen to show herself in public, where she will meet the popular jubilation.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: The Mudlark
  • French title: Le Moineau de la Thames
  • Director: Jean Negulesco
  • Scenario: Nunnally Johnson based on The Mudlark by Theodore Bonnet
  • Artistic direction: CP Norman
  • Costumes: Margaret Furse and Edward Stevenson
  • Photography: Georges Périnal , assisted by Denys Coop (cameraman)
  • Sound: Buster Ambler
  • Editing: Thelma Connell  (en)
  • Music: William Alwyn
  • Production: Nunnally Johnson
  • Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox
  • Distribution Company: Twentieth Century Fox
  • Country of Origin: United States , United Kingdom
  • Original language: English
  • Format: Black and White – 35 mm – 1.37: 1 – Sound: Mono (Western Electric Recording)
  • Genre: Historical Movie , Drama
  • Duration: 94 minutes ( copyright time ), 99 minutes in the United States
  • Release dates:
    •  United Kingdom :
    •  United States :( Miami )
    •  France :


  • Irene Dunne (VF: Hélène Tossy ) : Queen Victoria
  • Alec Guinness (VF: Gérard Férat) : Benjamin Disraeli
  • Andrew Ray (VF: Jackie Gencel ) : Wheeler
  • Beatrice Campbell : Lady Emily Prior
  • Finlay Currie (VF: Jean Toulout ) : John Brown
  • Anthony Steel (VF: Michel André ) : Lieutenant Charles McHatten
  • Raymond Lovell  ( VF: Raymond Rognoni ) : Sergeant Naseby
  • Marjorie Fielding  ( VF: Cécile Dylma ) : Lady Margaret Prior
  • Constance Smith : Kate Noonan
  • Edward Rigby (VF: Paul Forget ) : the night watchman
  • Ronan O’Casey (VF: Lucien Bryonne ) : Slattery
  • Kynaston Reeves (VF: Jacques Berlioz ) : Sir Henry Ponsonby  (en)
  • Ernest Clark (VF: René Arrieu ) : Hammond, the secretary of Disraeli
  • Patricia Hitchcock (VF: Rolande Forest ) : the maid


  • Oscars 1952 : appointment of Margaret Furse and Edward Stevenson for the Academy Award for Best Costume Design (black and white film)

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