The Troy war

The Trojan War ( The Guerra di Troia ) is a Franco – Italian film ( peplum )directed by Giorgio Ferroni , released in 1961 .

The film is freely inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the Trojan War and in particular the Iliad , from which it departs by placing in the foreground the Trojan hero Aeneas, whose original adventures he develops.


For 10 years, the Greeks besieged the city of Troy to return to Menelaus , king of Sparta , the beautiful Helena (his wife) kidnapped by Prince Troyen Paris with the help of the goddess Aphrodite . Achilles has just killed the valiant Hector (brother of Paris and son of King Priam ), who had killed Patroclus , close companion of Achilles. Priam comes to ask Achilles the body of his son. After long discussions, the Trojan king manages to recover the corpse of his eldest son to grant him the funeral worthy of his rank of prince.

The Trojans solicit a truce from the accepting Greeks. Aeneas , one of the bravest Trojan warriors, is secretly sent on a mission to form an army of horsemen who will definitively drive the Greeks out. In exchange for the truce they receive hostages and especially wood at the request of Ulysses who imagines a formidable trap in the seductive form of a horse-shaped statue dedicated to Poseidon .


  • Narrator of the French version: René Arrieu
  • Steve Reeves ( VF : Raymond Loyer ) : Aeneas
  • Juliette Mayniel : Créuse
  • Edy Vessel : Helen
  • John Drew Barrymore ( VF : Michel Le Royer ) : Ulysses
  • Carlo Tamberlani ( VF : Yves Brainville ) : Menelaus
  • Nerio Bernardi ( VF : Louis Arbessier ) : Agamemnon
  • Mimmo Palmara ( VF : Rene Arrieu ) : Ajax
  • Warner Bentivegna  (it) ( VF : Bernard Dheran ) : Paris
  • Nando Tamberlani  (it) ( VF : Mafilm of

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