The Titanic (mini-series)

The Titanic ( Titanic ) is an American mini-series of Robert Lieberman released in 1996 , produced by Hallmark Entertainment . The film tells the story of several passengers, some having really existed, others fictional, aboard the liner Titanic , and the shipwreck of the liner . The TV movie won the Emmy Award for best sound.


On April 10, 1912 , the Titanic is preparing to leave Southampton for his inaugural crossing to New York . The Allison family boarded with her housekeeper, Alice Cleaver, to look after their baby Trevor. In first class, is the billionaire John Jacob Astor , whose remarriage with the young Madeleine is scandalous. The young Jamie Pierce steals a third classticketand embark on board. He meets Simon Doonan, a malevolent crew member he becomes an accomplice and turns out to be a thief, as well as a young Scandinavian passenger whom he falls in love with, Aase. Finally, in first class , Isabella Piradine travels to join her husband in America. She meets on board Wynn Park, a love of youth. During the crossing, the two former lovers fall in love again, and Isabella plans to leave her husband upon his arrival in the United States .

On the evening of April 14, Aase is brutally raped and beaten by Doonan, which makes her lose all confidence in everyone. Moments later, the liner hits an iceberg and sinks. Alice takes Trevor with her in a lifeboat , and the baby’s family dies in the sinking by searching for it. Jamie can not convince Aase to accompany him, but both are finally saved, while Doonan is thrown from his boat. Wynn Park dies, and Isabella finally rejoins her family.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Titanic
  • French title: Le Titanic
  • Director: Robert Lieberman
  • Scenario: Ross LaManna and Joyce Eliason
  • Photography: David Hennings
  • Editing: Tod Feuerman
  • Music: Lennie Niehaus
  • Distribution Company: RHI Entertainment
  • Country of origin: Canada ; United States
  • Language: English
  • Format: color – 1.33: 1
  • Genre: action, drama, disaster
  • Duration: 173 minutes
  • Dates of first broadcast:
    •  United States : and on CBS
    •  France :on M6


  • Peter Gallagher (VF: Bernard Alane ) : Wynn Park
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones (VF: Nathalie Regnier ) : Isabella Paradine
  • Tim Curry (VF: Patrick Floersheim ) : Simon Doonan
  • Mike Doyle (VF: Jean-Pierre Michael ) : Jaime Pierce
  • Sonsee Neu (VF: Sauvane Delanoe ) : Osa Ludvigsen
  • George C. Scott (VF: André Valmy ) : Captain Edward J. Smith
  • Eva Marie Saint (VF: Lily Baron ) : Hazel Foley
  • Molly Parker (VF: Sarah Marot) : Lulu Foley
  • Hagan Beggs: Alden Foley
  • Roger Rees : J. Bruce Ismay
  • Scott Hylands : John Jacob Astor IV
  • Janne Mortil (VF: Anne Rondeleux) : Madeleine Astor
  • Felicity Waterman (VF: Odile Schmitt ) : Alice Cleaver
  • Marilu Henner (VF: Annie Balestra ) : Molly Brown
  • Malcolm Stewart: st Officer William McMaster Murdoch
  • Kevin McNulty: d Officer Charles Lightoller
  • Gerard Plunkett: th Officer Joseph Boxhall
  • Kavan Smith (VF Olivier Destrez)th Officer Harold Lowe
  • Matt Hill (VF: Stéphane Ronchewski ) : The radio operator Jack Phillips
  • Barry Pepper : d Operator Harold Bride
  • Harley Jane Kozak : Bess Allison
  • Kevin Conway: Hudson Allison
  • Devon Hoholuk (VF: Fily Keita ) : Lorraine Allison
  • Crystal Verge: Miss Miller
  • Eric Keenleyside : Black Billy Jack
  • Tamsin Kelsey (VF: Dominique Lelong) : Clardina Jack
  • Stephen Dimopoulos: Chief Engineer J. Bell
  • Martin Evans: Head Quarters R. Hichens
  • Byron Lucas: Watcher Frederick Fleet
  • Aaron Pearl: Reginald Watcher Robinson Lee
  • Peter Haworth: Isidor Straus
  • Janie Woods-Morris: Ida Straus
  • Terence Kelly: Captain Arthur H. Rostron

Awards and Reviews

The reviews of the TV movie are mixed. The New York Daily News regrets that the brilliant cast is underused by the director, and that the owners of the ship seem as friendly as those of the tanker Exxon Valdez 1 . The film, however, won the Emmy Award for Best Sound, and was nominated for the Best Costume 2 .

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