Transformers 2

Transformers 2: Revenge or Transformers : Revenge of theQuebec( Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ) is ascience fiction film Americandirected byMichael Bay, released in2009.

A sequel, Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon ( Transformers: Dark of the Moon ) was released respectively in 2011 , constituting a first trilogy. A fourth film, Transformers: The Age of Extinction was released in July 2014 .


A war without mercy opposes the heroic Autobots to the terrible Decepticons: this war extends from Cybertron to the Earth. In the first years of the xxi th century, the young Sam Witwicky becomes unwittingly the ultimate hope of humankind. Two years have passed since the death of the Decepticons leader, Megatron, and the destruction of the Allspark cube (the most powerful source of energy in the universe). Sam is now trying to live a normal life in the company of Mikaela, his girlfriend, in an environment without robots. But he has a bad feeling. Thanks to Constructicons, Megatron is determined to get rid of Sam and Optimus Prime. The Autobots will once again have to ally with the US military to fight the Decepticons, and a terrible god Transformer of infinite power: ” The Fallen .”

Film Summary

The film begins with a flashback showing the Fallen confronting humans on Earth in the 17th millennium BC. AD .

In the present, a new organization, called NEST (which includes Lennox and his men), was created to collaborate with the Autobots and hunt the surviving Decepticons. At present, two Decepticons, Demolisher and Sideways , are located in Shanghai . Evacuating the area on the pretext of a gas explosion, the NEST comes on the spot, accompanied by Optimus Prime and Ironhide , as well as new Autobots arrived on Earth following a message of Prime: the three sisters ( Arcee , Flareup and Chromia ), Sideswipe , twins ( Mudflap and Skids) and Jolt . Chased by the sisters and twins, Sideways is finally killed in vehicle mode by Sideswipe, while Demolisher pursued by Ironhide and Lennox’s unit then landed by Optimus after doing extensive damage. Before being completed, Demolisher claims that “the Fallen will be reborn from the ashes” .

At the Witwicky, Sam is about to leave for the faculty and organizes an internet kit to keep in touch with Mikaela. As he searches his old clothes from the first film, a fragment of the AllSparkfalls. Sam picks him up and receives flashes that incorporate symbols and other information into his brain. This reaction makes him let go of the fragment. The object falls and burns the floor and crashes into the kitchen, where it gives life to all the household objects close. Bumblebeeintervenes and manages to destroy the aggressive robots, but destroys part of the house in the process, enraging Sam’s mother. After explaining to Bumblebee that he can not take her to college, Sam says goodbye to Mikaela , and entrusts him the fragment of the AllSpark, which it takes without seeing that it is followed by Wheelie , a spy Decepticon.

At the base of Diego Garcia’s NEST , Lennox and his men return from Shanghai accompanied by Autobots. Skids and Mudflap, apparently annoyed by their common ice truck mode, scan a Chevrolet each, becoming independent. Then comes Theodore Galloway, the new National Security Advisor, who claims to speak to Optimus Prime. After blaming the Autobots for not sharing their weapons technology with humans (which Optimus says it would do more harm than good), he says he believes the Decepticons are still coming that to avenge the Autobots, and that, therefore, the best way to solve the problem would be to no longer give asylum to the Autobots. He concludes by asking Optimus if he and his people will leave the Earth without resistance in case they are asked. Optimus says they will, but warns Galloway what will happen if the Decepticons come next and he makes a mistake.

Meanwhile, in space, Soundwave , the Communications Manager Decepticons (which has the shape of an artificial satellite ), hacks the NEST base and locates a burst of AllSpark in a highly secure location. He sends one of his henchmen, an animal transformer named Ravage , on the spot. Ravage drops the Microcons, insect-looking nanobots that combine into an Insecticon, Reedman, which steals the fragment. Both are spotted by human soldiers, but manage to escape.

For his part, Sam arrives at the college, while his parents go to Paris. Sam quickly meets his roommate, Leo, a high-tech man totally crazy about Sam’s point of view, and a young and pretty girl named Alice.

At the welcome party of the college, Sam is flirted with Alice, which leads him to miss his first date on the Internet with Mikaela. Against all odds, Bumblebee arrives in vehicle mode, and announces to Sam that there is a problem. Alice accompanies Sam by car, but ends up leaving when Bumblebee does everything for it.

Bumblebee leads Sam to Optimus, who explains the situation to him and asks him to help him reason Galloway. Sam, eager to live a normal life like all young people of his age, refuses and says that Optimus does not need him saying it’s not “his war”. Without Sam hearing him, Optimus says they need him more than he thinks.

In the Laurensian abyss, five new Decepticons, Long Haul , Mixmaster , Rampage and Scrapmetal , belonging to the group of Constructicons and Ravage the Wild and Dr. Scalpel , will find megatron. They arrive at the place where the corpses of the Decepticons are (died during the final battle of the first film). Scalpel uses Ravage recovered Allspark fragment and Constructicon Scrapmetal parts to reactivate Megatron , Bonecrusher, Blackout (who takes after the name of Grindor) and Brawl. Megatron reborn as a cybertronic tank and flew to Saturn.

Arrived on Saturn, Megatron finds his second, Starscream , which in the meantime rebuilt the Decepticon army. After fiercely reproaching Starscream for leaving him dead on Earth, he visits his master, the Fallen . The latter explains that the AllSpark was an envelope, and that his power, which can not be destroyed, now rests in Sam. He also announces that only a Prime can kill him, and that therefore the last Prime , Optimus, must be eliminated.

Then comes Sam’s first class, where he suddenly loses his head: he reads a book of 930 pages in a few seconds, interrupts the professor, claiming that Albert Einstein made a mistake. And this sets to write the cybertronian symbols on the board. The teacher calling him to order turns him from the class. Panicked, Sam phones Mikaela who is furious for missing their appointment on the internet. That’s when he realizes that when he hit the fragment of the cube he received the same flashes as his great-great grandfather. While advising him not to touch the fragment, Wheelie approaches Mikaela’s chest to seize it. He fails miserably, trapping his feet in mouse traps, which alerts Mikaela. After a very short fight, she breaks an eye, ties it and locks it in a box. She then announces to Sam that she joins him, and takes the plane carrying the fragment and Wheelie, still imprisoned.

Meanwhile, the NEST receives an alert from Autobots, Decepticons radars trigger at the same time.

The next day, Alice and Leo surprise Sam in a new crisis, drawing cybertronian symbols on the walls of his room. Alice then isolates himself with him in the room, and the plate on the bed, in a mixture of seduction and brutality, showing an abnormally high force. After a brief moment when Mikaela enrage by surprising Alice kissing Sam, Alice turns out to be in fact a Decepticon named Pretender disguised. She pursues Sam, Leo and Mikaela, and is eventually killed by Mikaela, being crushed between a pole and a car.

However, the three humans have only a short respite, before being caught by a helicopter, which turns out to be no other than another Decepticon named Grindor . The latter delivers them to megatron, who was hidden in a disused warehouse with Starscream and Scalpel and who, after having clearly shown his resentment towards Sam (by sending him across the room and throwing him violently on the ground), has him examined by Scalpeland his assistant. While the latter is about to extract the brain of the boy to recover the coordinates of a “new source of Energon”, Optimus and Bumblebee arrive, and allow the heroes to flee. Bumblebee and Starscream shoot at each other while Optimus kills (off the screen) Scalpel and his assistant. Megatron, Starscream and Grindor take Sam on the hunt, but run into Optimus Prime. In an intense and long fight, Optimus manages to hurt Starscream and kill Grindor. But unfortunately, he finally gets himself killed by Megatron before impotent Sam … The boy, saved by the arrival of the other Autobots, escapes into the wild with Leo, Mikaela, Bumblebee and the twins. The Fallen feels since Saturn the death of Optimus, the last of the Premiums and rejoices.

Furious at Sam’s escape, Megatron still tortures Starscream before declaring that the attack can begin. Soundwave starts the attack on all the Decepticons, who arrive in packets all over the Earth. The Fallen joins the battle and destroys in a few seconds an aircraft carrier of the US Navy . Sam’s parents are captured in Paris. Soundwave , hackers the satellite networks of the world allowing the Fallen to send a warning to the Terrans: Showing them that they are not alone in the Universe, but above all of their livery Sam humans in case of resistance they will be annihilated.

As a result of this incident, the body of Optimus is brought back to the base of the NEST. As humans and Autobots are apparently preparing to perform a funeral, Galloway arrives with soldiers and declares the NEST dissolved. Disgusted, the Autobots are thinking of leaving the Earth, but Ironhide, believing that this is not what Optimus would have wanted, decides to stay.

However, Sam says that Megatron and Scalpel explained that the signs he sees in his head are actually a map to a new source of energy called Energon. Under Léo’s advice, they decide to ask for help from “Robotwarrior”, a surfer specialized in aliens. The latter turns out to be Seymour Simmons, former Sector 7 agent seen in the first film. Despite a grudge against Sam, Simmons finally agrees to help them. Mikaela then frees Wheelie, whom she convinced to lead them to someone who, according to him, could help them.

Wheelie then drives them to the National Air and Space Museum , and tells them an old SR-71 Blackbird , which he claims to be a Transformer capable of informing them. Sam revives him with the fragment of AllSpark, but Mikaela discovers a little too late that it is a Decepticon. This one, aged and answering to the name of Jetfire, turns out to be on the Autobot side. Although hawkish, Jetfire agrees to inform them, and tells them the origin of the Transformers: in the past, the Transformers were led by seven leaders, the “Premiums”. Using a machine called The Reaper, they could destroy the stars to convert them into Energon, an energy “anti-rust” and fuel for transformers. However, they had made the rule never to destroy an inhabited planet. One of them decided to violate this rule with the Earth. To prevent it, the other six Primes seized the Command Matrix , a powerful talisman that served as the key to the machine, and hid it in a tomb created by combining their own bodies. now wants to find the Matrix to accomplish what he once wanted.

While Wheelie is convinced by the story to definitely join the Autobots, Jetfire adds that the Fallen can only be killed by a Prime, and sadly learns of the death of Optimus. He then comes to Sam with the idea of finding the Matrix himself and using it to revive Optimus. Believing that the experiment can succeed, Jetfire teleports the group to Egypt, at the supposedly clean location of the Matrix. With the help of Simmons, Sam then passes on to former NEST members to bring the Optimus body to Egypt.

On the way to find the Matrix, Sam is unfortunately spotted by a camera, itself hacked by Soundwave , which allows the Decepticons to locate it and take the direction of the place. Thanks to the indications of Jetfire, the Tomb of the Primes is found, but the Matrix, soon found, falls into dust. Sam still takes the dust and leaves to join the corpse of Optimus, which was brought with the other Autobots.

It follows a titanic battle, where Starscream damages human communications, thirteen Decepticons land in Egypt (the Constructicons, Bonecrusher and Protoformes). Seven construction vehicles merge into one gigantic robot, Devastator . The latter, after unsuccessfully trying to devour one of the twins ( Mudflap ), destroys the top of a pyramid, revealing the Fallen Harvester, but is eventually shot down by humans with the help of Simmons and Axion Cannon. Rampagea trap for Sam: his parents against the Matrix. Fortunately, Bumblebee arrives and confronts him. Ravage tries to help the other Decepticon but only succeeds in having the dorsal (vertebral) column pulled out by the tail, which kills him (killing inside of him Reedman with), and it is with this queue that Bumblebee finishes his enemy. The Autobots then join the battle. Sam continues his route to Optimus, but is attacked by Bonecrusher and a protoform, defended by the 3 sisters and Ironhide , Sam and Mikaela leave. Bonecrusher kills Flareup and seriously damages Ironhide. The Decepticon Protoform kills Arcee and Chromia is seen, one last time, taking cover.

Jetfire joined Mixmaster’s battle and brawl before eliminating Scorponok who had taken him from behind and severely damaged him. The Air Force approaches the Decepticons and Sam arrives at the Autobots, Long Haul tries to stop him but he is repulsed by Ironhide. The Air Force arrives and kills the remaining Decepticons (except Long Haul and Scrapper that occur and flee). Megatron shoots Sam who enters a coma caused by the Matrix. He has a vision of the Prizes who have sacrificed themselves and who tell him that they have observed him and that by his actions he deserves the Matrix because it is not found, it deserves. Sam returns to him and the Matrix recomposes himself, he fixes it in the spark of the leader of the Autobots. The result is a success, and Optimus is brought back to life, but the Fallen takes the opportunity to recover the Matrix and activate the machine.

Jetfire joyfully attends the resurrection of Prime, but is saddened by the theft of the Matrix. Regretting that he has never done anything useful in his long life of Decepticon, he sacrifices himself to merge his pieces with Optimus Prime, with the help of Jolt who merged them, giving the latter the ability to fly and a power tenfold. Thus improved, Optimus destroys the machine, wounds Megatron in the face and triumphantly completes the Fallen. Seeing the situation, Megatron, listening for once to the advice of Starscream, flees with him and what remains of Decepticons while claiming that it is not over.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 1
  • French title: Transformers 2: Revenge
  • Quebec title: Transformers : Revenge
  • Director: Michael Bay
  • Scenario: Roberto Orci , Alex Kurtzman and Ehren Kruger
  • Sets: Jennifer Williams
  • Costumes: Deborah Lynn Scott
  • Photography: Ben Seresin
  • Editing: Roger Barton , Tom Muldoon , Joel Negron and Paul Rubell
  • Music: Steve Jablonsky
  • Production: Ian Bryce , Lorenzo di Bonaventura , Tom DeSanto , Don Murphy and Mark Vahradian
  • Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay
  • Production Company: Dreamworks SKG
    Paramount pictures
  • Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures
  • Budget: 200 million of dollars [ref. necessary]
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English and some French, Arabic and Spanish translations
  • Format: Color – 1.44: 1 – 35mm ( Kodak ) ( IMAX version) – SDDS , Dolby Digital , DTS
  • Genre: science fiction
  • Duration: 143 minutes
  • Release dates:
  •  Belgium , Canada , United States , France :
  •  Switzerland :


Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox in Paris for the promotion of the film.
  • Shia LaBeouf (VF: Jimmy Redler , VQ: Hugolin Chevrette-Landesque ) : Sam Witwicky
  • Megan Fox (VF: Caroline Anglade , VQ: Catherine Proulx-Lemay ) : Mikaela Banes
  • Josh Duhamel (VF: Alexis Victor , VQ: Patrice Dubois ) : Major William Lennox
  • Tyrese Gibson (VF: Bruno Henry , VQ: Patrick Chouinard) : Sergeant Robert Epps
  • John Turturro (VF: Vincent Violette , VQ: François L’Ecuyer ) : Seymour Simmons
  • Ramon Rodriguez (VF: Alexis Tomassian , VQ: Nicholas Savard The Herbarium ) : Leo Spitz
  • Kevin Dunn (VF: Jacques Bouanich , VQ: Alain Zouvi ) : Ron Witwicky
  • Julie White (VF: Marianne Borgo , VQ: Claudine Chatel ) : Judy Witwicky
  • John Benjamin Hickey (VF: Nicolas Married ) : Theodore Galoway
  • Matthew Marsden (VF: Ludovic Baugin) : Graham
  • Glenn Morshower (VF: Patrick Borg ) : General Morshower
  • Deep Roy : Egyptian soldier present at customs
  • Rainn Wilson (VF: William Lebon , VQ: Louis-Philippe Dandenault ) : Professor Colan
  • America Olivo : the frisbee girl
  • Michael Papajohn : Colin “Cal” Banes
  • Walker Howard (VF: Diouc Koma ) : Sharsky
  • Jonathon Trent (VF: Tony Marot) : Fasbinder
  • Annie Korzen (VF: Marion Game ) : Simmons’ mother
  • Michael Bay: a soldier
  • Steven Spielberg: himself


  • Peter Cullen (VF: Jacques Frantz , VQ: Guy Nadon ) : Optimus Prime (voice)
  • Jess Harnell (VF: Gilles Morvan ) : Ironhide (voice)
  • Mark Ryan (VF: Patrick Bethune , VQ: Jean-Luc Montminy ) : Jetfire
  • Robert Foxworth (VF: Alain Dorval , VQ: Raymond Bouchard ) : Ratchet (voice)
  • André Sogliuzzo : Sideswipe (voice)
  • Gray DeLisle : Arcee (voice)
  • Tom Kenny (VF: Gilbert Lev / Gérard Surugue ) : Skids / Wheelie (voice)
  • Reno Wilson (VF: Marc Perez) : Mudflap (voice)


  • Isabel Lucas (VF: Cécile d’Orlando, VQ: Kim Jalabert ) : Alice
  • Tony Todd (VF: José Luccioni ) : The Fallen (voice)
  • Hugo Weaving (VF: Julien Kramer , VQ: Vincent Davy ) : Megatron (voice)
  • Charles Adler (VF: Philippe Dumond, VQ: Tristan Harvey ) : Starscream (voice)
  • Frank Welker : Soundwave / Grindor / Devastator (voice)
  • Calvin Wimmer: Demolisher (voice)
  • John DiCrosta (VF: Michel Elias ) : Scalpel (voice)
  • Michael York: Prime 1 (voice)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson : Prime 2 / Rampage (vocals)
  • Robin Atkin Downes: Prime 3 (vocals)
Source : French version (VF) on Voxofilm [ archive ]

List of Transformers


The Autobots are the Transformers faction that represents good: they fight for the freedom of each being and against the Deceitfulness.

  • Optimus Prime , transformed into Peterbilt 379 truck (1994) with 10 blue and red wheels.
  • Bumblebee , turns into Chevrolet Camaro V (2006) yellow and black.
  • Ironhide , turns into GMC TopKick C4500 modified (2006) black.
  • Ratchet , turns into Hummer H2 Ambulance Search and Rescue (2004) yellow.
  • Sideswipe , turns into silver Chevrolet Corvette C6 Stingray (2006).
  • Skids , turns into the front of an old ice truck, then into a green Chevrolet Beat (2007).
  • Mudflap , turns into the back of an old ice truck, then into Chevrolet Trax (2007) orange.
  • Jetfire, very old Décepticon, passed on the side of the Autobots, turns into Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird .
  • Jolt, turns into blue Chevrolet Volt .
  • Arcee , turns into Ducati 848 pink.
  • Chromia , turns into blue Suzuki B-King (2008).
  • Flareup , turns into MV Agusta F4 R312 purple.
  • Wheelie , former Deception drone, turns into a Blue Monster Truck (remote control toy)


The Decepticons are the faction of Transformers that attempts to impose the strength, power and dominance of the Transformers in the Universe by any means. They fight the Autobots.

  • The Fallen, is a former Prime who formed megatron and somehow thus created the deceptions, turns into a cybertronic jet
  • Megatron , turns into a cybertronien flying tank
  • Starscream , turns into Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor
  • Soundwave transforms into a Cybertronian satellite
  • Ravage , cybertronist panther, turns into Cybertronian missile
  • Reedman, is the fusion of Microcons, turning into small metal balls
  • Pretender, turns into a human student named Alice
  • Dr. Scalpel, turns into Microscope
  • Sideways, turns into Audi R8
  • Grindor, turns into Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion , it seems to be Blackout of the first film and would have been repaired by Scalpel
  • Bonecrusher, turns into Buffalo MPCV Crane Truck
  • Scorponok, Grindor Cybertronian Scorpion (Blackout)
  • The assistant of Scalpel
  • Protoforms
  • An Insecticon


The Constructicons are a sub-faction belonging to the Decepticons faction. They are formidable warriors armed to the teeth. Unlike the original series, Devastator is shown as independent of other Constructicons.

  • Demolisher, turns into a backhoe Terex O & K RH 400
  • Long Haul, turns into Caterpillar 773B truck
  • Rampage, turns into bulldozer Caterpillar D9T
  • Scrapper, turns into Caterpillar 992G backhoe
  • Mixmaster, turns into Mack Trucks concrete mixer
  • Scrapmetal, turns into Volvo EC700C excavator
  • Devastator, turns into several construction vehicles, at least one identical to that of each constructicon.

Identifiable Decepticons in the movie as flashback or cameo.

  • Frenzy, as a dead head.

Original Rewards

The Premiums would be the first Transformers, they created a machine producing energy, vital to create young Transformers, from the suns. But they swore not to use a sun serving an inhabited planet. One of them, Megatronus Prime, later known as the Fallen, betrayed them.

Premiums identifiable as flashback:

  • The six premiums.


Apliancebots are guardians, created by the self-defense mechanism of a fragment of the All-Spark, which uses surrounding objects to create Transformers considered to be Decepticons that will protect it.

  • Ejector, turns into a toaster
  • “Dickbot” turns into a blender
  • A robot turning into a Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • A robot turning into a microwave
  • A robot turning into a waffle machine
  • A robot turning into a coffee machine
  • A robot that transforms into a trash can device (common in the United States, a sort of grinder)
  • A robot turning into a robot-mixer
  • A robot turning into a hand-held robot
  • A robot turning into an alarm device


The soundtrack features 14 tracks in addition to Steve Jablonsky’s original music:

  1. Linkin Park : New Divide (4:27)
  2. Green Day : 21 Guns
  3. Cavo : Let It Go
  4. Taking Back Sunday : Capital ME
  5. The Fray : Never Say Never
  6. Nickelback : Burn It To The Ground
  7. The Used : The Burning Down House
  8. Theory of a Deadman : Not Meant To Be
  9. The All-American Rejects : Real World
  10. Hoobastank : Do not Think I Love You
  11. Staind : This Is It
  12. Avenged Sevenfold : Almost Easy
  13. Cheap Trick : Transformers The Fallen Remix

Box office

Country Box Office
Box office World 836,303,693
International Box Office $ 434,491,823
Box Office United States $ 402,111,870
Box office France 2,300,000 admissions ($ 19,861,079)


The film was nominated for the 2010 Oscars in the Best Sound category .

He has also been nominated six times at the 2010 Razzie Awards , winning three awards: Three nominations:

  • Worst Actress ( Megan Fox )
  • Worst couple on screen ( Shia LaBeouf , Megan Fox )
  • Worst Actress in a Supporting Role ( Julie White )

3 awards won:

  • Worst director ( Michael Bay )
  • Worst Scenario ( Roberto Orci , Ehren Kruger , Alex Kurtzman )
  • Worst film

Movie series

Main article: Transformers (movie series) .


Main article: Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon .

Paramount and DreamWorks announced on 29 June 2011 as the release date of a e Transformers before completion of Transformers 2 . Michael Bay replied, “I said I was taking a year without Transformers . Paramount was wrong in the date of Transformers 3- they asked me on the phone-I said yes for July 4th, but 2012, not 2011. That would mean that I should prepare it as early as September. No way. My brain needs a break away from warrior robots 2 ” . As in Transformers 2 , Orci refused to guarantee if he and Kurtzman would come back for a sequel because”They risk becoming enmeshed ” 3 . Orci mentioned that he would like Unicron to enter saga 4 . The co-writer also stated that focus more on a triple transformation would be interesting 5 .

The st October 2009 Michael Bay revealed that Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon was already in pre-production, and the planned release date is actually the st July 2011 and not 2012. Ehren Kruger is also involved this again in script writing. Shia LaBeouf will also play again her role of Sam 6 while Megan Fox will be replaced by top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 7 , Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, writers of the first two, will not write the third episode 8 , 9 .

In a hidden bonus of the Transformers 2 Blu-Ray , Bay announces its intention not to make Transformers 3 necessarily longer than the 2, but rather to dig a little deeper the myth, give more depth to the characters, and the to make it darker and more moving than its two predecessors. The video also shows some images of Unicron 10 .

Around the film

  • The company Hasbro saw its profit rise by 11% to 43.6 million in 2009, largely thanks to derivatives Transformers 2 .
  • The film has a production budget of $ 200 million.
  • The first teaser aired during the 2009 Super Bowl match : Starscream Transformers , Ravage , Megatron , Optimus Prime and Demolisher .
  • The second teaser appeared on the web on Friday  : appearance of transformers Jolt , Sideswipe , The Fallen, Bumblebee and Scorponok . [ref. necessary]
  • The third trailer appeared with the appearance of Jetfire , Devastator , Scapel and the mysterious appearance of Blackout that was normally dead. The release of the movie reveals that the robot is actually Grindor , the reconstruction of Blackout .
  • Linkin Park made the movie soundtrack with a title named New Divide appeared on(unlike the soundtrack of the previous film Transformers which was taken from the album Minutes to Midnight the band , this time the soundtrack was composed especially for the film).
  • At the beginning of the film, we can hear the instrumental track of 21 Guns from Green Day .
  • Tom Kenny takes the voice of the Autobot Skids and on the other hand a preview of the film is broadcast in Tokyo on Monday in the evening (local time)
  • Michaël Bay announced that the film would include a total of 46 robots.
  • During the scene at the National Air and Space Museum we can see in the background the famous Enola bomber gay , who dropped the bomb A Little Boy on Hiroshima

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