Tumak, son of the jungle

Tumak, son of the jungle ( One Million BC ) is an American film of Hal Roach and Hal Roach Jr., released in 1940 .


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An old archaeologist tells the story of Tumak the young hunter of the Rock tribe.

Technical sheet

  • Title: Tumak, son of the jungle
  • Original title: One Million BC
  • Director: Hal Roach and Hal Roach Jr.
  • Production: Hal Roach and DW Griffith (uncredited)
  • Production Company: Hal Roach Studios Inc.
  • Distribution Company: United Artists
  • Scenario: Mickell Novack , George Baker and Joseph Frickert based on Grover Jones story
  • Music: Werner R. Heymann
  • Photography: Norbert Brodine
  • Artistic direction: Charles D. Hall
  • Set decorator: William Stevens
  • Costumes: Harry Black
  • Editing: Ray Snyder
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Format: Black and White – Sound: Mono (Western Electric Mirrophonic Recording)
  • Genre: Prehistoric Adventure Movie
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Release date: April 5, 1940 (USA)
  • Release dates: United States :  ; France : 


  • Victor Mature : Tumak
  • Carole Landis : Loana
  • Lon Chaney Jr . : Akhoba
  • Conrad Nagel : The narrator
  • John Hubbard : Ohtao
  • Nigel De Brulier : Peytow
  • Mamo Clark : Nupondi
  • Inez Palange : Tohana
  • Edgar Edwards : Skakana
  • Jacqueline Dalya : Ataf
  • Mary Gale Fisher : Wandi
  • Jean Porter (uncredited), Chuck Stubbs : Shell Tribesmen

Around the film

  • The film was a huge commercial success at the time, just ahead of the box office by Autant in the wind , released in the course of the previous year.
  • The special effects sequences , which for the time were considered the ultimate, served for an impressive number of other low-budget productions until the mid-1960s.
  • When it was released in the UK , the footage was heavily censored for complying with the strict animal cruelty laws in front of a camera.
  • DW Griffith , who began working on the project, gave up filming for artistic differences with the production, going so far as to deny his name to the credits. The producer Hal Roach , as well as his son, took care of finishing it.
  • This film, as well as its remake produced by the firm Hammer Film Productions in 1966, was heavily criticized for having scrupulously made rubbing humans and dinosaurs at the same time.

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