Virus (movie, 1999)

Virus is an American film directed by John Bruno in 1999 after the eponymous comics series of Dark Horse Comics , published in 1995, written by Chuck Pfarrer , John Carpenterand John Bruno , and drawn by Howard Cobb.


The Russian scientific research ship Akademik Vladislav Volkov is sailing in the South Pacific Ocean . He is in contact with Mir . the cosmonauts aboard Mir see a strange electromagnetic cloud approaching them faster and faster. The lightning flashes through the station damaging the equipment and blurring the links with the Volkov . It spreads to the boat through the link and causes the same damage on the Volkov .

Seven days later, the Sea Star tug , commanded by Captain Robert Everton ( Donald Sutherland ), is caught in Typhoon Leiah . The Sea Star tows a barge loaded with 500 tons of planks and steel. The barge takes the water and threatens to sink and train the Sea Star with her. The crew includes: Steve Baker ( William Baldwin ), JW Woods Junior ( Marshall Bell ), Hiko ( Cliff Curtis ) Maori , Squeaky ( Julio Oscar Mechoso ) Cuban, Richie Mason ( Sherman Augustus ) and Kelly “Kit” Foster ( Jamie Lee Curtis ), a shipping officer who was dismissed from the Navy for hitting an officer and whose father was admiral . Everton refuses to sacrifice the barge to save the tug, because he has mortgaged all his property over the value of the cargo and he has no insurance. The storm breaks the cable that connects the Sea Star to the barge, which flows with all the cargo. The Sea Star has suffered damage, they take refuge in the eye of the storm to try to repair the damage. The radar detects the Volkov which is motionless and seems out of order. Everton isolated in his cabin, drinks alcohol and prepares to commit suicide with his revolver. When Woods informs him about the other boat, Everton regains hope and orders him to make his way to the other boat. They find that he has suffered extensive damage and seems abandoned.

Hiko and Woods stay aboard the Sea Star while the others climb aboard the Volkov . They notice many bullet impacts and the power is cut off. Everton rejoices, according to the maritime law , the Volkov being in the international waters , it is enough to tow it in a port. The Russian government will have to pay them 10% of the Volkov’s value in return for the restitution of the boat. Everton orders Baker and Squeaky to restore electricity and start the main engine, Woods to maneuver the Sea Star to moor the Volkov. Baker and Squeaky turn on electricity, lights and computers turn on. Foster finds that there seems to be someone controlling the boat. An anchor of the Volkov is unhooked and pierces the sinking Sea Star . Richie throws a buoy , Woods seizes and abandons Hiko who is injured in the right thigh with a splinter of wood and can not swim. Baker dives and retrieves Hiko.

Baker orders Squeaky to lock himself in the engine room. Everton sends Richie and Woods to help Squeaky, while he goes with Baker and Foster, who is helping Hiko, to the infirmary to heal him. Intrigued by noise and movement of cables in a pipe, Squeaky crawls into it and gets caught inside. Richie and Woods arrive in the armory. In the infirmary, Foster begins to treat Hiko. Richie and Woods seize all the weapons they can carry: submachine gun , rocket launcher , then enter a room containing missiles. Richie discovers an ejection mechanism, while Woods spots large spots of blood. Foster finishes sewing Hiko, when Baker opens a metal cupboard from which a person wearing a gas mask is shooting at them with a Skorpion machine gun . Baker knocks him out and takes off his mask, it’s a woman ( Joanna Pacula ). Richie and Woods find that many power cables have been cut. Baker, worried about Squeaky’s response, decides to join him in the engine room and reminds Richie and Woods to get there as well. Richie and Woods, surprised by a little robot, shoot him down.

The woman regains consciousness, she is terrified and hungry. Foster and Everton question him. She says the power generator needs to be shut down and says the whole crew is dead and the “thing” that needs the power has come from Mir . Everton thinks she’s crazy. She tries to run away, but Foster catches her. She says her name is Nadia Vinogradiya.

It tells them that an intelligent alien entity of an electric nature has entered the ship and decimated the crew. The entity that detected their presence attacks them and kills them one by one (it also converts certain people to its cause by turning them into real cyborgs ). The purpose of this entity is to eradicate the human species, which it considers a virus . The last two survivors end up defeating her by destroying the ship.

Technical sheet

Jamie Lee Curtis , performer Kelly “Kit” Foster
  • French title: Virus
  • Original title: Virus
  • Director: John Bruno
  • Scenario: Chuck Pfarrer and Dennis Feldman  (en)
  • Music: Joel McNeely
  • Director of Photography: David Eggby  (en)
  • Editing: Mr. Scott Smith
  • Sets: Mayling Cheng
  • Costumes: Deborah Everton
  • Production: Gale Anne Hurd
  • Distribution Company: Universal Pictures (United States)
  • Budget: 75 million dollars
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Language: English, Russian
  • Format: Color – Dolby – 2.35: 1 – 35 mm
  • Genre: Horror , Science Fiction
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Release dates in theaters:
    •  United States : Forbidden to under 16s
    •  France : Not allowed under 12 years


  • Jamie Lee Curtis (VF: Elisabeth Wiener ) : Kelly “Kit” Foster, Navigation Officer
  • William Baldwin (VF: Eric Herson-Macarel ) : Steve Baker
  • Donald Sutherland (VF: Bernard Tiphaine ) : Captain Robert Everton
  • Joanna Pacula (VF: Monica Lavinska) : Nadia Vinogradiya
  • Marshall Bell (VF: Jean-Claude Sachot ) : Junior JW Woods
  • Cliff Curtis (VF: Adrien Tomé) : Hiko, Maori
  • Julio Oscar Mechoso (VF: François Chaix) : Cuban Squeaky
  • Sherman Augustus (VF: Thierry Desroses ) : Richie Mason
  • David Eggby  (en) : The Norfolk Captains
  • Yuri Chervotkin: Colonel Kominski
  • Keith Flippen: Capt. Lonya Rostov
  • Olga Rzhepetskaya-Retchin: the cosmonaut woman
  • Levan Uchaneishvili: Captaine Alexi


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  • It was the Vandenberg that was used to make the Russian scientific research ship Akademik Vladislav Volkov .


Box office

  • US: $ 14,036,005 1
  • World: $ 30,626,690 [ref. necessary]

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Video Games

The film was adapted for video games by the French company Cryo Interactive ; the game received bad reviews, including an 8 out of 20 on . It has been tested by the Attic Player .

Notes and references

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