Angelica and the Sultan

Angelique and the Sultan is a movie Franco – German – italiano – Tunisian of Bernard Borderie , released in 1968 . It follows Indomitable Angelique and closes the series of five films of which Angélique is the heroine.


Once Joffrey saved his ship from the flames, he chased from Escrainville, who kidnapped Angelique, to the Mediterranean . But when he boarded his ship, Angelique was no longer on board. In Algiers , Escrainville sold it to Mezzo Morte, which plans to offer it for the harem of the Sultan of Mikenez . To save Angelique, Joffrey is abandoned in a boat by his crew, and is voluntarily taken by a ship bound for Algiers, where he is forced into slavery. He manages to escape from the prison where he is led, with the help of complicities.

And now Angelica in the sultan’s harem. She rebels against the instructions of Osman Ferradji, eunuch in charge of the harem, and she refuses to be presented to the Sultan as a new concubine. But one day, while Colin Paturel, a prisoner, publicly plays the sultan who decides to kill him, Angélique shrieks: the sultan who sees her is immediately struck by her beauty and gives the order to drive her to her apartments . Not only Angelique pushes her advances but she tries to kill him. To punish it he has it whipped; but Ferradji had the whip licked with a narcotic to relieve the pain. He did not give up his plans to make Angélique the sole wife of the sultan. The favorite of the sultan, jealous of Angelique and fearing to lose her privileged place, try to kill her. Colin Paturel convinces her to help them escape, which the favorite accepts. Angélique, Colin Paturel and a third prisoner, the Count de Vateville, manage to escape.

Meanwhile, Joffrey tries to buy Angélique from the sultan, whom he has managed to bring to him by means of a ploy, proposing to reveal to him the secret of the philosopher’s stone . The agreement is made, but back to the sultan’s palace, they discover that Angelique has run away. To save his honor as usual, the Sultan dragged Osman Ferradji by his horse, until death ensues, but this torture is stopped by Joffrey. The sultan then sends a patrol in search of the young woman.

In the desert, Colin Paturel, who is not of noble extraction, confesses his love to Angelique. After the Count de Vateville dies on the reconnaissance, Angélique makes Paturel promise to kill her if she should fall again into the hands of the Sultan. When the troop approaches, he wants to keep his promise, but the soldiers shoot him down. Angelique fainted then … to wake up in the arms of Joffrey, aboard his ship.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Angélique and the sultan
  • Director: Bernard Borderie
  • Screenplay: Bernard Borderie , Francis Cosne based on Anne and Serge Golon’s novel
  • Dialogues: Pascal Jardin
  • Sets: Robert Giordani
  • Costumes: Rosine Delamare
  • Photography: Henri Persin
  • Sound: Antoine Petitjean
  • Editing: Christian Gaudin
  • Music: Michel Magne
  • Production: François Chavane , Francis Cosne and Raymond Borderie
  • Production Companies :
    •  CICC , Francos Films , Cinephonic
    •  Liber Film
    •  FonoRoma
    •  Gloria-Film GmbH
  • Country of origin: France , Germany , Italy and Tunisia
  • Original language: French
  • Format: Color – 35 mm – 2.35: 1 – Mono sound
  • Genre : Historical Movie , Adventure Movie
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Release date: France : 


  • Michèle Mercier : Angelique de Peyrac
  • Robert Hossein : Joffrey de Peyrac “The Rescator”
  • Jean-Claude Pascal : Osman Ferradji
  • Helmuth Schneider (VF: Marc Cassot ) : Colin Paturel
  • Aly Ben Ayed : Sultan Moulay El Raschid
  • Roger Pigaut : Pierre-Marie D’Escrainville
  • Jacques Santi : Count of Vateville
  • Bruno Dietrich : Coriano
  • Henri Cogan : Simon Bolbec
  • Erno Crisa : Turkish ambassador
  • Arturo Dominici (VF: John Topart ) : Dead Mezzo
  • Wilma Lindamar : Leïla Aïcha
  • Gaby Mess / Mesee : Sultan’s favorite
  • Ettore Manni (VF: Christian Barbier ) : Jason
  • Manja Golec (VF: Michèle Montel ) : captive
  • Emilio Massina : guard of the ambassador (uncredited)
  • Antoine Baud : a sailor D’Escrainville
  • Mohamed Kouka
  • Claudio Previtera

Around the film

Many scenes of the film were shot in Tunisia , for example in the city of Sidi Bou Said , among others in the palace of Baron Rodolphe d’Erlanger , around the ribat of Monastir , in the amphitheater of El Jem , with view of the basket of Nefta , the bay of La Marsa , etc.

The sultan to which reference is made is the Alawite Sultan Moulay Rachid 1 , who ruled the xvii th century.

Filmography of Angelica

The series Angélique , which includes five films made by Bernard Borderie , was a huge commercial success on its release and dozens of times rebroadcast on television since.

  • 1964 : Angelica, Marquise of the angels
  • 1965 : Wonderful Angelic
  • 1966 : Angelique and the Roy
  • 1967 : Indomitable Angelic
  • 1968 : Angelica and the Sultan


  • (de) This article is partially or entirely from the Wikipedia article in German titled ” Angélique und der Sultan ” ( see the list of authors ) .
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