Indomitable Angelic

Indomitable Angélique is a movie Franco – Italian – German of Bernard Borderie , released in 1967 . It follows Angélique and Roy and precedes Angelique and the Sultan .


Angélique having learned that her first husband, Joffrey de Peyrac, is still alive, she goes to seek her in the South of France, in the company of her faithful alchemist Savary. They think they found him on an island where a leper evokes a pirate called the Rescator, before committing suicide to escape the men of the Duke of Vivonne. Angelique forced the latter, who wants to bring her back to King Louis XIV of France , to take her on a boat to Sardinia, under the threat of revealing that the Duke’s sister, Madame de Montespan , is in contact with occult circles (see Angélique and the Roy ).

Off Sardinia, the ship is attacked by the Rescator, a pirate who attacks all ships of the King of France. Angelique does not know that the masked pirate is actually Joffrey and she jumps into the water to escape. Master Savary, rescued by the men of the Rescator, reveals to him just before dying that Angelique was on board the boat he destroyed.

Angelique is fished by D’Escrainville, a nobleman who has been exiled because of a woman and is now taking revenge on all women. He rapes Angelique and then locks him in the hold with prisoners, enjoining them to take advantage of the situation. Angélique is saved from outrage by the second d’Escrainville, who does not want to spoil the valuable goods that she would represent in a sale to slaves. When Joffrey (aka the dreaded Rescator) gets on board and tells D’Escrainville that he is looking for Angelique, he claims to have never seen her.

Now spoiled for her market value to be greater, Angélique is driven to Crete to be sold in a slave market. To convince her to participate voluntarily, Escrainville and her second lock her in a room where countless wild cats emerge. Angelique gives in, but manages to convince knights of the Order of Malta, who come to buy European prisoners, to bid enough to free her. The beauty finally denuded Angélique raises the auction to a level too high, and even the king of Morocco to which she had been promised by d’Escrainville must admit defeated: Angelique is bought by a stranger. It turns out that the buyer is an envoy of Joffrey, who drives her to her husband’s castle. Here they are together at last, even if their respective adventures separated them. But the fire takes on Joffrey’s boat, and Angelique orders him to go and save his ship. Angélique, made prisoner during this diversion, leaves the shore on the boat of Escrainville which recovered its booty, under the helpless look of Joffrey.

Technical sheet

  • French title: Indomptable Angélique
  • Director: Bernard Borderie
  • Screenplay: Bernard Borderie , Francis Cosne , based on Anne and Serge Golon’s novel
  • Dialogues: Pascal Jardin and Louis Agotay
  • Sets: Robert Giordani
  • Costumes: Rosine Delamare
  • Photography: Henri Persin
  • Sound: Antoine Petitjean
  • Editing: Christian Gaudin
  • Music: Michel Magne
  • Production: Francis Chavane , Raymond Borderie , Francis Cosne
  • Production Companies :
    •  Cinephonic , CICC , Francos Films
    •  FonoRoma
    •  Gloria-Film GmbH
  • Distribution Company: SN Prodis
  • Country of origin: France , Germany , Italy
  • Original language: French
  • Format: Color ( Eastmancolor ) – 35 mm – 2.35: 1 – Mono sound
  • Genre : adventure film , historical film
  • Duration: 105 minutes
  • Release date: France : 


Graphics referring to the film.
  • Michèle Mercier : Angelique de Peyrac
  • Robert Hossein : Joffrey de Peyrac “The Rescator”
  • Roger Pigaut : Pierre-Marie D’Escrainville
  • Bruno Dietrich : Coriano
  • Christian Rode (VF: Jean-Louis Jemma ) : Vivonne
  • Pasquale Martino (VF: Georges Chamarat ) : Savary
  • Ettore Manni (VF: Christian Barbier ) : Jason
  • Arturo Dominici (VF: John Topart ) : Dead Mezzo
  • Sieghardt Rupp : Millerand
  • Gaby Mesee : Girl on the Escrainville Boat
  • Paul Muller : a knight of Malta
  • Gianni Solaro : a knight of Malta
  • Mino Doro : High Commissioner of Sales
  • Leopoldo Bendandi : Turkish buyer
  • Paolo Gisuti : leper
  • Mimmo Poli : a buyer
  • Samia Sali : Yasmine
  • Renato De Carmine
  • Jacques Toja : narrator

Around the film

The film was shot almost entirely in Italy , and especially in Sardinia .
The scenes of the slave market are filmed in Tunisia , in the city of Sidi Bou Saïd .

Filmography of Angelica

The series Angélique , which includes five films made by Bernard Borderie , was a huge commercial success on its release and dozens of times rebroadcast on television since.

  • 1964 : Angelica, Marquise of the angels
  • 1965 : Wonderful Angelic
  • 1966 : Angelique and the Roy
  • 1967 : Indomitable Angelic
  • 1968 : Angelica and the Sultan

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