Antonin’s Fragments

The Fragments of Antonin is a French film directed by Gabriel Le Bomin , produced in 2005 and released in France in 2006 .


The Great War did not only cause deaths, broken mouths, widows or orphans, it also left human beings in psychological disarray and unable to rebuild themselves mentally after so many horrors lived. Antoninus Verse is one of those extreme cases of the wounded of the soul, he is unable to express himself by the word, he remains only a few obsessive gestures.

In 1919 , Professor Labrousse, a pioneer in the treatment of traumatic war shocks , is passionate about his case. His method, new and controversial, must make him relive the most intense moments of his war in order to free him from it.

Critical reception

Although this film was very well received by critics when it was released, Gabriel Le Bomin’s first major work did not attract much audience.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Antonin’s Fragments
  • Director: Gabriel Le Bomin
  • Scenario: Gabriel Le Bomin
  • Production: Alexandra Lederman , Jean-François Geneix
  • Distribution: Rezo Films
  • Music: Fabien Römer
  • Sets: Aurélien Geneix
  • Costumes: Mahetimi Deregnaucourt
  • Photography: Pierre Cottereau
  • Sound: Xavier Piroelle
  • Editing: Bertrand Collard
  • Casting: Annick Dufrêne
  • Scripts: Marion Pin
  • Makeup: Benoît Lestang
  • Country of origin: France
  • Genre: drama , war
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Release date: 2006
  • Assistant directors: Julie Navarro re asst; Marine Franssen 2nd asst


  • Grégori Dérangère : Antoninus Verse
  • Anouk Grinberg : Madeleine Oberstein
  • Aurélien Recoing : Professor Labrousse
  • Niels Arestrup : Professor Lantier
  • Yann Collette : Captain Orlac
  • Laure Duthilleul : Marie
  • Pascal Demolon : Lieutenant Ferrou
  • Jean-Baptiste Iera : Mazard
  • Richard Sammel : Jürgen
  • David Assaraf : Charles
  • Vincent Crouzet : The cameraman
  • Frédéric Épaud : Jean Chartreux
  • Pascal Elso : The adjutant
  • Nicolas Giraud : Brown Soldier
  • Michaël Abiteboul : Masson
  • Cyrille Thouvenin : Stan
  • Samuel Dupuy : Dying Soldier
  • Patrick Guérineau : Home soldier
  • Emmanuel Quatra : Simon Krief
  • Eric Mariotto : Stretcher
  • Vincent Schmitt : Stretcher
  • Damien Taranto : Ernst
  • Johannes Olivier Hamm : German Deserter
  • Cédric Weber : German deserter
  • Marius Strasser : German Deserter
  • Julien Bouvard : Psy Student
  • Benoît Liénd : Sliced soldier
  • Julien Tomasino : Sliced soldier

Around the film

Before making this first feature film, Gabriel Le Bomin has long been immersed in the world of war and traumatized. After completing his military service at the Cinéma des Armées , where he had access to numerous archival documents, he has produced several documentaries, including one for the War Trauma Medical Museum , since the war. from 14-18 until the Gulf War .

Between the original idea and the end of the production, it has passed almost four years. The writing of the screenplay itself took two years, during which Le Bomin met several psychiatrists from the Val de Grâce to scientifically support his scenario.

The shoot lasted seven weeks. The scenes of trenches were shot in the town of Valdahon in Franche-Comté , in the military field camp of the 13 th Engineer Regiment . The highlight of the film is Montlignon / Domont , near Paris, which is also the training ground for the National Police .


  • Nomination first film Prize Louis Delluc 2006
  • César of the cinema 2007 : nominated in the category best first film .


To mark the 90 th anniversary of the Armistice of 1918, a DVD of the film was edited in trade.

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